Friend or Foe

For the Throne Of Glass competition- August is an assassin, who's sister in in chains. She'll do anything to save her sister, even murder. But then things get complicated when a boy she meets steals more than her assassination, but her heart as well.


7. Glowing Horizon

"There's the city." Marco pointed out as we saw it in the distance. The Great Castle was ahead of us, where the king and queen lived. It was the only city in The West, so it was packed with royals, peasants, first class, pirates, bandits, sales men, visitors from The East....

You name it, they'd be there. That was why I decided to move their with Willow, the city was a golden sanctuary, a place of hope and full of opportunities. I missed it. After my parents were murdered in an act of revenge from one of the royals, I ditched my name and trained myself to kill. It wasn't easy, it took years of hard work and pain. I envied Marco who'd been trained my a professional. I sighed and stepped round a puddle. The rain had stopped, and the rain had reduced my hair to a set of knots, but I was drying off and wasn't going to die of hypothermia at least. Amicus and Homstem were still secure in my boots and my poison dagger was tucked in its special sheath. Marco trudged behind me, muttering about the weather.

"Which entrance to the city do we use?" I asked, knowing we'd be turning off if we didn't use the main entrance.

"Uh." Marco stopped, thinking, "The main one?" He asked, looking like I'd asked him to work out the meaning of life.

"Okay." I said and began to walk forwards. The main entrance was the entrance that people from The East used. The left was for Pirates and Bandits and the right was for people of The West. We headed forwards and I saw the sun shining down ahead of us. Then I realized, the sun was behind is. I froze, squinting at the mass of yellow that was coming towards us. Sandstorm.

"Sandstorm!" I shouted to Marco over the wind that had suddenly began to blow again. The city rarely got sandstorms, they were blown all the way over from The East, which was a dry land with deserts. "Run!" I yelled and sprinted forwards towards the city. We had no chance of out running the storm, but if we could shelter in one of the city outbuildings. That was why the road was empty, everyone would have taken shelter in the cities main buildings, the rich ones that would be sandstorm proof. I cursed, I should have realized sooner.

I glanced back and saw Marco falling behind. "Hurry up!" I told Marco, reaching an abandoned house that would have been left while the owners went deeper into the city to say from the storm. I held the door open for him as he approached and ran inside. I followed and slammed it behind me just in time, as the world outside was engulfed in sand.

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