Friend or Foe

For the Throne Of Glass competition- August is an assassin, who's sister in in chains. She'll do anything to save her sister, even murder. But then things get complicated when a boy she meets steals more than her assassination, but her heart as well.


1. Dark night

The sky was black as I slunk down the street, my light brown hair concealed beneath a dark hood. I had a hidden dagger in my belt and identical twin blades strapped to the insides of my knee length boots. The stars shone above me and a soft wind blew through the air. The calm before the storm. I identified my target across the street, heading home from his night at the tavern. Lord Wilson, dealer of the kingdom's crime and friend of the king. I was sent here to assassinate him. That was my job, the job that my client told me to do, or pay the price. Most people had to pay to hire me, August  Ryres  the assassin who you never saw coming. But, this client had another way of getting me to do his dirty work. My mind flashed back to the image of a small girl in chains. A small girl who whimpered my name. My sister, Willlow, was the bargaining chip in this job.

I followed Lord Wilson down the main street, knowing he'd have to turn down an alley and away from the street lights soon. As I stalked him, I caught a flash of brown to my left and spun around. The street was empty, the gas lights lighting up the walk way. The air was cool and fresh away from the city, but this town was full of death and despair. I could smell it. I turned back round and realized that Lord Wilson had turned the corner, heading home to his huge mansion. My boots clicked against the cobbles as I sped up, I didn't need to be silent anymore. I peered round the corner and spotted a figure crossing the alley, the back wall of a shop behind him.Now was my chance. I grabbed my dagger from my belt, it was light in my hands and curved to be more airborne. I ran my nail against one side of the blade and then threw the dagger. It sailed through the air, through Lord Wilson's hand and into the wall, pinning him there. He gave a strangled cry and reached round to pull the dagger out. As I strode towards him, I made a tutting noise and he whirled round to face me. "I wouldn't do that." I said, nodding towards his hand still creeping towards the dagger, "It's been dipped in poison, remove it and the poison will spread into your system. Hours of agony until death reaches you. Would you like that, lord?" I grinned and pulled my first blade from its sheath in my left boot as lord Wilson stammered something. "What's the matter?" I feigned interest, "Cat got your tongue."

It was years of training that made me duck as a blade whizzed past my head. I spun round as Lord Wilson gave a scream. I turned back round to face my target, a second blade was lodged in his other hand so he was pinned to the wall like Jesus on a cross. The blade was made of platinum metal, the strongest you could find. I spun back round as a figure in a brown cloak swept towards me. I raised my sword, made out of silver and the tears of damned souls. The person beneath the cloak was taller than me, and he stood a swords length away as I sized him up, wondering what I'd gotten myself into now. He looked like a brown monster that had swum up out of the murky night. Then the figure raised a bony hand and pulled the cloak back to reveal a pale face. The boy in front of me, looked about eighteen or nineteen, only a few years older than me. He had hollow cheeks, like he hadn't eaten in weeks and black hair that he shook out of his eyes. He have me a confused look as he looked around, like this was some sort of joke. I stood in silence, until he spoke, "First of all, who the fuck are you and secondly, what are you doing near the person I'm here to assassinate?"

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