Friend or Foe

For the Throne Of Glass competition- August is an assassin, who's sister in in chains. She'll do anything to save her sister, even murder. But then things get complicated when a boy she meets steals more than her assassination, but her heart as well.


6. Dark days

"What?" My voice sounded far away as Marco tossed me the letter and I read it, sure enough it was written down in words, only one of us would survive this. I threw the letter into the fire and watched it burn to ashes before I grabbed the severed head and darted to the window.

"August! No!" Marco realized what I was doing and rushes to the window, but I'd already jumped out of it and onto the pavement. The wind battered into me and the rain soaked me in a few mere seconds. Then I ran.

"I'm not going to kill you!" Marco was running after me, his voice carried down the empty street by the rain. I halted and looked back at him as he charged down the street after me, his brown cloak blowing in the wind. "I know." I whispered. It would be so much easier if he killed me, or tried to. I bit my lip as I watched him run after me and then I began to run again, running home. I darted between houses, the head in my grasp. I didn't come across a single person, everyone was inside.

"August!" Marco's voice was further away now, "I know how you can save your sister!"

My body jolted to a stop as I whirled round to see Marco still running towards me, his figure blurred by the rain. He reached my side and I spoke,my voice as hard as nails, "What do you know."

"I know a secret way into the warehouse where Sanster works." Marco gasped, catching his breath, "You can sneak in and free her. Just let me come with you." His voice was pleading. I thought about the other missions Sanster had sent me on. The missions I'd been forced to do because he threatened to kill my sister who he kept in chains. Anger bubbled up inside me and I spoke, "You can come. But I kill Sanster." with those words, I headed into the countryside beyond Lord Wilson's town. I walked ahead, the head swinging in my grip. My temporary friendship with Marco was on hold at the moment. I didn't want to kill him, and I thought he didn't want to kill me. But I didn't trust him anymore. I sighed, we had a long journey ahead of us.

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