Friend or Foe

For the Throne Of Glass competition- August is an assassin, who's sister in in chains. She'll do anything to save her sister, even murder. But then things get complicated when a boy she meets steals more than her assassination, but her heart as well.


4. Bright Stars

We stepped out onto the cold street. It was empty apart from the groups of people heading home, or to the drinking inns where most people went. We followed everyone else, Marco looking intimidating his his cloak. I wished I'd worn mine, for as we walked, the cold seeped through me chilling my core.

"Are we going to an inn?" I asked, suspicious as the list of places we could go became smaller. Eventually, we reached the outskirts of the town and towards an inn called the Pearl Grey  a pirate inn. I grinned. Pirate inns were the best. They did wonderful seafood (No pun intended), usually sold a bunch of illegal trade items and they did wonderful drinks if you wanted to get drunk, sea style. Marco caught my eye and smiled, pushing the door open for me. I stepped inside and looked around. The place was packed with sailors, pirates, town folk. Everyone was here. In the far table, a bunch of men sat singing sea songs, on another table a family was having a meal of crabs and salmon. Marco pointed at an empty table in the far corner and we headed forwards. I sat down and Marco sat opposite me, taking his cloak off. I looked around, "I used to find clients in places like this." I said, "Most pirates have a bunch of enemies." 

"Why did you stop?" Marco asked, following my gaze.

I smiled, "I became too famous for common folk like them."

Marco got up, his chair skidding back a few inches.

"Want a drink?" He asked, showing me a handful of bright  coins. I didn't want to ask how he got them, but I nodded, "Get me the best one you can find."

He mocked a salute and was gone through the crowd, I watched him go, even when he wasn't on a mission he still slunk, like he was stalking someone. It made him sort of scary. Then I shook my head, I wasn't scared of another assassin. But then my mind flickered back to how he'd managed to sneak up on me in the alley. I stroked the hilt of my sword in my shoe. I had the twin swords made for me by a client, that was my pay. They were made of silver and the hilt was made of bones encrusted with diamonds. They were named Amicus and Homsten, which roughly translates as 'friend and foe'. I named them that, because both could be your worst enemy or your closest ally. I saw Marco heading back from the bar, two cups of a purple looking liquid in his hands. He maneuvered his way past the tables and I was impressed that he hadn't spilled them yet. He smiled at me, before someone barreled into him. I frowned as Marco tried to steady the drinks but liquid sloshed out the sides hitting the floor and the man's shirt. I didn't hear the conversation, but  I imagined it went something like this:

The man: Dude you ruined my shirt!

Marco: Oh, sorry but you walked into me.

Man: Give me the money to buy a new one!!!

Marco: Uh, I don't have any change.

Man: You will pay!

Marco: Bye.

As Marco turned to walk away, the man grabbed the back of Marco's shirt and lunged him backwards onto the table. Great, we'd just started a fight. It wasn't surprising, fights were common in places like this. One of the man's friends attempted to punch Marco in the jaw, but the assassin was too fast, he lunged forwards, landing on his feet. I got up, and was thrown into the mass of bodies that the fight had created. I didn't know who pulled out the knife, but soon everyone was covered in blood. I reached Marco's side and yelled, "We need to get out of here before someone calls the royal guard!" I shouted and punched someone in the jaw. Marco nodded and tried to push towards the door, but the chaos was too hard to navigate. I slammed into someones side, knocking them over and then I saw my golden opportunity. I leaped onto the empty table amongst the groups of people in one big brawl. Someone had grabbed Marco and was attempting to punch him, the group who had started out the fight were all heading to Marco, but others seemed to be fighting each other. I stood high on the table and whistled. The loud piercing noise shot through the other noises and silence followed. Everyone turned to me and I pulled out my poison dagger I waved it above the crowd, "This dagger is coated in nightshade poison." I said and there was series of murmurs, "Me and my friend." I gestured to Marco who had a bloody nose. He waved to the crowd.

"Me and my friend." I continued, "Are going to walk out of here right now and if you try to beat him up again I'll slice you with this dagger." People instantly began to form a path and I was about to step off the table until the man who'd started the fight jumped up with a few of his friends. He yelled a battle cry and they charged at me. I spun into action, kicking one man off the table. I ducked as someone tried to slam a chair into my head and swiped my leg round, taking a few more out. The final man attempted to push me off the table, but I pounced pinning him to the table and placing the poison blade against his neck. I hissed at him and then stood up as he scrambled off the table.

"Anyone else?" I asked bitterly and stepped off the table.  People shuffled awkwardly back to make space as me and and Marco strode towards the door. I kicked it open and strode out, people whispering behind us like we were two super stars, or stars who shone as brightly as the sun. We stepped outside and vanished into the night.

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