All about that boy

Y/N is Sarah in this story. You are a famous singer, just like the boys, and you have a crush on one of the guys (to find out who, read the story), and a lot of things happen...

I am gonna try to make this a very long story, with a lot of chapters and stuff... like a series of books (maybe not THAT long, but...)
I hope you would like to read it!


1. The first time

Two years ago...


I was walking up the stairs, up to the stage. I took my hand around the award "I would like to thank my family and friends, who has always been there for me through everything. And i would also like to thank my amazing fans. Thank you so much, i really appreciate it, and i wouldn't be here without you, so thank you!" I said, looking out at the audience.


Three months ago...


I sad between Ed Sheeran and Cody Simpson at the VMA's waiting for the winner of the award "Best music video" to be announced "and the winner is..." the woman on stage said "ONE DIRECTION!" Everybody started clapping, and clapped even harder when the five guys walked up on stage. "Thank you, thank you!" Harry said "Wow this is incredible, you guys are BEAUTIFUL!" "Yes, thank you all for voting for us, we really appreciate all that you guys are doing for us, and there is no words to explain how much we love you" Niall said. 

Later that night, i won the awards of "Best pop song" and "Best solo artist".


At all afterparties, there will be champagne, snacks, dance floors, bars, people and everybody is meeting each other. And of course, so it would be at this one. And that was the day that i met One Direction... And the love of my life.


I saw the guys (One Direction) standing at one of the bars... or that means Harry, Louis and Niall were standing there, while Liam and Zayn were giggling around at the dance floor. I met Harry once before, at a taxi-hold outside of my studio. He was on his way to his house in London, and was waiting for his limo to pick him up.

"Hey, SARAH! Hello" he smiled at me "Wow, you look good!" Harry said.

"Thank you! It has been so long!" I said.

"Hey Liam, Zayn! Come meet Sarah." Harry shouted through the room. I blushed.

"Hi, I'm Niall" Niall said.

"Hi, I'm a big fan of yours." I said back. 

I could feel somebody's hot breath on my neck.

"BOOH!" Louis said really loud. I shivered.

He had sneaked up behind me.

"Gosh!" I said.

"Did i scare you?" He asked.

"Yes! ... I'm Sarah" I said, handing him my hand.

"I'm Louis."

"I know..." I said "I'm a fan of yours"

"Oh cool!" Zayn said.

"Yeah, 'cause we're fans of you as well!" Niall said. I smiled at him.

"Oh really?" I asked kind of surprised.

"YEAH, you're amazing!" Niall said. I blushed again.

And so we went on talking, for almost the rest of the night.

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