Go The Distance?

17 year old Maria lives in London, her mums company has to relocate to Sydney, Australia. How will she cope downunder?

She has to leave her friend Emily behind and all the memories she made in the UK.


1. Epilogue

~ London, 7 Days Before ~



"Urg" I moaned as I lifelessly hit my silver alarm. Swinging my legs over the wooden bed frame, gaining the energy to stand up for the first time after the eventful weekend I had experienced.

"MARIA!" I hear my mother from the bottom of the staircase, I palm my eyes while yawning. I wasn't ready to face school today. I paced of to my full length mirror situated next to my dresser. I stared at my drained expression, before running my hand through my knotty hair.

"Shit" I cursed as my finger got caught, causing me to tug at my boob-length blonde hair. I grabbed my pale blue hair brush and slowly brushed out the tangles. I walked over towards my wardrobe and pulled out a pair of black skinny jeans followed by a plaid flannel t-shirt (which was a size to big) so I rolled up the sleeves until the lower half of my arm was on show.

I moved onto brushing my teeth and applying my eyeliner and mascara. I had never been a fan of applying loads of makeup, and the fact I couldn't be bothered also played a big part in my minimalistic look. I grabbed a pair of white sports socks and slipped on my black vans, before trudging downstairs with my backpack over one shoulder.

"Morning sweetheart" my mum said blissfully.

"Morning" I replied with a delay.

"Breakfast?" Mother questioned. I nodded as I sat down at the kitchen table, mum brought me a bowl of coco-pops.

"Thankyou" I replied to her gesture, before devouring the cereal within a few minutes. I put the bowl in the sink and headed towards to door. Before opening it and briskly walking to the bus stop, paranoid that I was going to miss it. Thankfully I didn't...

Thanks for reading! I've never written a fanfiction before, I'm quite enjoying it. I will continue to write it regularly. THANKYOU :-) X

P.S. This is for a good friend of mine. she's a luke girl. Personally, I prefer the drummer ;)

My twitter: @mrsirwin22

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