Go The Distance?

17 year old Maria lives in London, her mums company has to relocate to Sydney, Australia. How will she cope downunder?

She has to leave her friend Emily behind and all the memories she made in the UK.


3. Chapter Two~ News

"WERE MOVING!" Mother declared. I looked at her with a blank expression for a minute.

"W-what?" I replied Worryingly, she repeated herself once more. My mind, a frenzy of thoughts. Where are we going? Is it far? Do I have to move school? Is it permanent?

"Where are we going?" I asked, hoping it wouldnt effect anything about my current life.

"AUSTRALIA!" mum enthusiasticly yelled back at me, why was she so happy? She could tell that I wasn't okay with her answer. She walked over to me, her smile turning into a frown. "I thought you'd be excited petal..." (Petal was the nickname she had given to me from a young age).

I began to sob uncontrollably. My mother wiped the pool of tears away that had gathered under my eyes. She rubbed my back for a while, until I broke our silence.

"Can I go to my room?" I gestured towards the stairs. My mum nodded, I galloped up the staircase, I burst through my bed room door before collapsing on the bed. I reached for my phone on the side and switched it to silent. I wanted to be alone. My eyes began to get heavy and I slowly drifted into a deep slumber.

~ 6 Days Before ~

The sunshine shone through the gap in my curtains. I lifted my head up to a 45 degree angle opening one eye as I did so. I looked at my pillow, a ring of water on it, evidence of what had happened last night.

I picked my phone off my bedside table. 2 new snapchats, 3 Facebook notifications and multiple texts from Emily. I ignored them and decided I'd read them on the bus journey to school.

I walked over to my wardrobe and selected a Nirvana tee and put on the same skinny jeans from yesterday. I followed that by brushing my teeth and sorting my face out. I picked my bag up and trotted down the stairs. Mum was standing by the sink washing up.

"Do you wan-" Mum began to saying before I walked out the door, I wasnt in the mood to talk her. After a while of waiting for the bus it finally arrived, I scrolled through my music until I found 5 Seconds Of Summer tracks, their music always made me happy.

The bus pulled up outside my school and I briskly walked to my first lesson... Physics. The lesson drained on, the work was easy enough but the teacher was so dull, he sucked the life out of the room. Lunch finally arrived, I walked over to a table Emily was sat at.

"Hey" she blissfully said. I looked at her and smiled slightly. "What's up?" a concerned frown spread across her face.

"I'm moving" I replied. Looking down at my hands.

"Where to?" Emily continued to question me. The same thoughts as mine probably rushing around in her head.

"Australia..." I replied. She seemed to smirk at my answer. "What? I demanded.

"You'll love it out there, I'm telling you from experience. I'm going to miss you so much though" a frown overtaking her face again.

"I'll miss you more." We stood and stared at eachother for a while until we finally embraced. After we finished hugging and our lunch we went to our last lesson.

The school bell rang, one again I ran to the bus stop. The bus wasn't at the stop yet, so I had to wait. It was only a few minutes until it pulled into the layby. I stepped onto the bus and paid the fare before sitting down on a chair near the back and drifting into a world of my own.

The rest of the day flew by. Most of my evening was taken up by homework and contemplating the pros and cons of Australia, it's safe to say the cons outweighed the pros...

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