Go The Distance?

17 year old Maria lives in London, her mums company has to relocate to Sydney, Australia. How will she cope downunder?

She has to leave her friend Emily behind and all the memories she made in the UK.


2. Chapter One~ School

I hopped off the public bus and made my way into school, the whole journey was spent listening to a little known band called '5 Seconds Of Summer'. They had recently done a cover of Teenage Dirtbag and I had fallen in love with it, it repeated again and again until I reached my first class.

I walked through the narrow doorway into my English class, no one bothered to look up apart from my friend Emily. She frantically waved at me, I let a small smile creep onto my face.

"Sup Bruh" Emily greeted me with her Australian accent, a smile spread ear to ear.

"Hey" I reply half-heartedly still shattered.

"Done your homework?" she inquired.

I pulled out a poem with notes scribbled around the outside of it, analysing every single word. I loved English and I was hopeing to achieve big.

The rest of the lesson went quickly, Emily and I discussed 5 Seconds Of Summer, she was obsessed with Ashton Irwin, the bands drummer. I was more of a Luke Hemmings girl to be honest, I loved everything about him...

After I had fantasised about Luke Hemmings it was lunch. Emily and I headed to the lunch hall where we selected our confectionary.

"£2.60" The cashier said sharply. I gave her the exact amount of change and left with Emily not far behind me.

The rest of the day flew by, mostly because I was daydreaming or talking the lessons away. As the final school bell rang I darted out of class. My bus was always early and it wouldn't wait for anyone.

I made it. Just.

~ 2 Hours Later ~

I enjoyed being home alone, which my mum didn't understand. She came home two hours after I got home, she always felt like she neglected me, but to be honest I enjoyed my own company. *DING*. The screen to my iPhone lit up...

From: Mum x

I'm going to be an hour late darling, I have a lot of paperwork to fill out. I've got some exciting news for you too. See you soon x

I dismissed the the text and carried on listening to my playlist and sketching a few portraits out.

~ Another 2 Hours Later... ~

"HELLO?" I heard my mum bellow from downstairs. I threw my sketch pad off my lap and onto my bed, I pulled the door open and galloped down the stairs to greet my mother.

I hugged her tightly. "How was work?"

"Fantastic!" she replied instantly, "I have some great news!"...

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