Blood Of Olympus- Alternate Ending

This is my alternate ending for Heroes of Olympus. Please give it a chance. I'm a hard core Percy Jackson fan, so I may have overdone some parts. May the best writer win.







They always say that your life flashes before your eyes when you’re about to die. That is the biggest load of Minotaur dung I have ever heard. I have been on the verge of death more time than I’d like to count, and not once have I ever seen my life flash before my eyes. Except, today I saw the life I wanted to live when I was about to be flattened like a pancake by a giant with mommy issues. I saw me and Annabeth getting married by the beach, with everyone we love there to see it. I saw a place where the Romans and the Greeks were joined under a single camp, making the world a better place. I saw a little boy with Annabeth’s face and my eyes running around. That is what gave me the strength to fight on. “Percy!” I heard Grover yell out before I was tackled by my furry friend, “We did it. We won!” Smiling sadly, I hugged him back with everything I had. Sure, we may’ve won, but at what price. Seeing everyone look at me, I cleared my throat and spoke, “Today, we pulled of the greatest thing possible. WE DEFAETED GAEA!” Pausing, I waited for the cheers to die down after my announcement. “But,” I continued, “It was not without loss. Today many brave soldiers fell in battle, fighting for what they believe in. We will never forget those who fell, as they will always have a place in our hearts. They will be remembered by all of us here today and their stories will be passed on, telling the other about the heroes who gave their life to save the world.” After I finished, the assembled demigods and gods alike stood still, with sombre expressions as they took a moment to remember the warriors. 

I thought of Phoebe, hunter of Artemis, Clovis, son of Hypnos, and Lacy, daughter of Aphrodite. They all had promising futures. As a lone tear made its way down my face, I thought about Reyna. She died saving me from a killing blow. She died with a smile on her face, choking out “See you around Jackson.” I was brought out of my memories as I felt Annabeth wipe away the tear with her thumb. Smiling softly at her, I pulled her into a deep kiss, ignoring the wolf whistles around me with practiced ease. “I don’t know about you wise girl, but I’m beginning to think that you’re a bad luck charm, what with all the world ending crisis’s that we’ve been having,” I teased her. “Like your one to talk seaweed brain. Ever since you’ve shown up it’s been one life-threatening situation after the other. You should probably get that check out.”

Before I could retort, Zeus boomed “Percy Jackson, you have saved us once again.” He grudgingly admitted, after a stern look from Hera. “We have decided to offer you immortality once again, and we are willing to offer all seven of the chosen ones immortality.”  I stood there with my mouth hanging open in an unintelligent expression. After a few seconds, I was able to stutter “Um, w-what was that, I mean, could you repeat that?”

Zeus gave me a look I was easily able to translate into his ‘should I fry you into a crispy little demigod for making me repeat myself,’ look. “I said,” he spoke slowly as if I was an idiot, “I am willing to make you and your little friends immortal.” Sighing lightly at this feeling of déjà vu, I looked to Annabeth to try and get a read on what she was thinking. Her face was blank giving no indication to her thoughts, giving me no help whatsoever. Shaking my head, I made my decision. “Once again, I would like to thank you for your generous offer, but I for one do not accept.” Blocking out the incredulous faces around me, I continued. “I am not speaking for everyone, but I for one would like to live a full life, where yeah, I may die, but I get to live at the same time. I’m not saying this right,” I paused trying to think of how to explain it. “If I was a god, I would have to give up my friend and my family. It’s not worth it. I would rather live a short life with all of them with me; instead of living forever and watching all of them die. So, sorry to disappoint, but my answer is no.” Murmurs suddenly filled the air as all of the assembled good looked at me, some with appraising eyes, some with fury.

“YOU DARE REFUSE US TWICE BOY!” Zeus literally thunders, sparks flying off his body. Placing a hand on Zeus’s shoulder, Poseidon spoke, “Calm brother. This is his choice. We cannot force him to do something he does not wish to do. We owe him more than that after saving our buts again.” Thankfully this calmed Zeus down a little. “Very well,” he agreed sullenly. “I agree with Percy,” Annabeth spoke to my left. “Me to,” Hazel followed. “Me three,” Frank added grinning. This was followed by the rest of the seven. Suddenly remembering a request I forgot to make last time, I said, “I have one request. I would like you to change the elevator music. No offense, but can’t you play something more up to date, that doesn’t make you want to fall asleep?” Once again, thinking after I spoke, I realized just what I said and went bright red at the many amused glances and snickers I was on the receiving end of. Smiling at me, Hermes laughed, “I’m sure we can do that for you. Not as bad as the demand you made of us last time around.” Looking to Zeus for approval, I saw he was smirking slightly. “Very well Jackson, it will be done.”

“I also have one request,” the usually goofy Leo said, with an unnaturally serious look in his eyes. “Speak son,” Hephaestus gestured with his hand.                                                                                                          “I ask you to release Calypso. “ Immediately protests were shouted among the gods. Continuing over the noise he spoke, “I know why you have put her there, but surely you can’t leave her there for all eternity for her father’s crime? She is innocent!”

“You are not the first, to make such a request,” Zeus started, looking at Percy for a moment, “and I will have to give you the same answer I gave others before you. No.”                                                           A desperate Leo looked pleadingly at all the gods assembled, but none of them spoke up. “If you will not free her, then I beg of you. Please, send me to her. I promised her I would come back to her.”     Debating for a moment, Zeus frowned. “Very well boy, we shall make you immortal and send you to her island, but you will never be able to leave if you go,” he warned. Leo looked at all of us, saying sorry to us with his eyes. “I accept. Just give me a minute to say good bye.” At his nod, Leo came rushing towards us. “Percy, I’ll tell her you said hello, okay?” Nodding, I pulled him into a hug. “Piper, look after Jason, and Jason. Remember, the girl is always right.” Letting out a chocked up laugh, Jason and Piper pulled him into a huge hug, which escalated into a group hug, with everyone wishing Leo the best. Finally with one last tearful goodbye, Leo turned to the gods and said, “I’m ready.” A golden glow surrounded Leo, as we all waved goodbye to him.

After Leo left, we took care of all the burials, and the gods returned to Olympus, taking all of us with them for celebrations. At the party, I was pulled away by Annabeth. “So seaweed brain, turned down the gods again I see. You know it’s not wise to refuse the gods.”

“Oh really, I didn’t hear you say yes, but if you insist, I can go ask them to make me immortal,” I finished stepping away like I was going to ask the gods. “Don’t. You. Dare.” She pulled me back. Before she could say another word, I saw a crowd of Roman and Greek demigods forming around Rachel as she was possessed by the spirit of the Oracle. Running towards her, I figured out what was happening with an unreadable expression on my face. “No.” I stated resolutely as I looked at Rachel’s possessed body once more. “No”, I repeated, “No more great prophecies, Ok? I am done with being the fate’s punching bag. No more prophecies. NO! Don’t you say one word Rachel Elizabeth Dare!” I finished desperately, even though I knew it was hopeless. All I could do was pray to every deity that existed that it had nothing to do with me as she opened her mouth and spoke.

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