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2. 'Pilot'

"Unconditional, unconditionally
I will love you unconditionally
There is no fear now
Let go and just be free
I will love you unconditionally"

The blond man sings softly, headphones in his ears. He moves slowly around the room, pulling stuff from the boxes that sit on the studio apartment floor.

"So open up your heart and just let it begin
Open up your heart and just let it begin
Open up your heart and just let it begin

Open up your heart"

Clothes are stuffed into drawers. Pictures are hung on white walls. Books are placed on bookcases.

"Acceptance is the key to be
To be truly free
Will you do the same for me?"


The blond jumps, yanking the headphones from his ears. His American blue eyes lock on the girl leaning causally on his door; a smirking redhead with her toned arms crossed across her tank top.

"Tasha!" The pair hug, somewhat awkwardly on the girls part.

"Got a nice voice, Steve. Was that Katy Perry?"

"Shut up," the blond blushes, arms folded over his incredibly muscular, white tee cover chest.

"I won't say anything, if you sing me Happy Birthday instead of Tony singing drunk. Again."
He chuckles and moves into the kitchen, putting the kettle on.

"So, who lives here? Fury wasn't exactly inclined to tell me..."

"Evening, bitches."
A black haired man saunters in, a blue light shining through his Black Sabbath tee.

"Well, there's Tony," the redhead sighs.

"How did you know I was here?" Steve asks, eyebrow raised.

"I live across the hall from you, dumb ass. Saw Natasha over here and thought I'd check it out. Having a little date with the Capiscal, are we, Natasha?" He smirks. Natasha just rolls her eyes, Steve turning a color normally associated with candy canes; bright red and sheet white.

"Aw, looks like Cap has a crush!"
Tony flops on the blonds sofa, taking up basically the whole thing.

"I don't, I'm just thinking about what Clint would do to me."

"Oh,  don't worry about what Bird Butt would sa- holy shit!" An arrow appears between the billionaires legs. He pulls it from the sofa, leaving a small hole.

"Where did that come from?" Steve asks, taking the arrow from his friends hand.

"He's in the vents again," Tony whispers, looking around the apartment. Natasha's hands ball into fists.

"Am I missing something here?" The blond cocks a eyebrow.



"I can't believe you boys are doing this."

Steve and Tony are crouched infront of a vent. Loaded guns are in their hands, several traps set in-front of the vent.

"What else are we supposed to do?" Steve says.

"Have a life?"

Tony and Steve turn to look at her, eyebrows raised.

"What am I thinking, look at who I'm talking," Natasha sighs into her tea.

"JARVIS, rig the vents. Any movement, any heat signature, even a fart, tell me."

"Tony, you're in my apartment, not yo-"

"Of course, sir," the computers voice says calmly.

"I had the whole place wired when I moved in. Now, lets catch that motherfucking hawk."


5 hours later......


Snores echo through Steve's apartment. Both him and Tony are passed out in-front of the vent. Natasha has slipped a blanket over the pair, still perched on a box with a cup of coffee. The look on her face is almost maternal.

A soft knock on the door startles the assassin and she jumps up, arms raised.

"It's me," the man at the door holds up his hands.

"Hey, Bruce," Natasha relaxes, sitting back on the box. The man shuffles into the room with his hands shoved in his pockets. A mop of curly brown hair falls over his weathered face, leather brown eyes sparkling.

"What are Tony and Steve..."

"Don't ask."

"I need you to come and take care of Thor. He's been out drinking with Erik again."

"Can't Loki do it?"

"He's watching Wicked. Again."

"He's seen it three times this week!"

"I know and he always back singing Defying Gravity. Please, give me one night of peace and take Thor."

"Fine. Just promise me some of Tony's scotch."

"Did someone say scotch?" The billionaire sits up from under his blanket, rubbing his eyes.

"You are such an alcoholic, Tony." The assassin shakes her head, smirking slightly.

"Borderline alcoholic!"

"I'll drink to that. Come on, lets go take care of 'the mighty Thor'." Her and Tony make for the door of Steves apartment.

"Shouldn't we wake Steve?" Bruce asks, looking back at the sleeping captain.

"The man slept for over 70 years without waking up."

"Good point. Lets go."


"Come on Nat dake de chot!"

All of the Avengers, apart from Steve and Clint, are sat in Tony and Bruce's apartment. Countless empty shot glasses are piled up on the coffee table, various bottles of alcohol next to them.

"Youfoolassasian! You can not biat di meghty Dor!" Thor shouts/slurs, stumbling around the apartment with his hammer. The Russian glares at him and throws back the vodka shot. A drunken cheer goes up from whole group, excluding Bruce (and Clint, who's still in the vents). The doctor is sat in the kitchen with his head in Science Magazine."

"I am surrounded by idiots," he says without looking up.

"Ohhhhh come on Banner have chome fun!" Tony grins at his friend. Bruce looks up with his eyebrow raised.

"I'm already going to have to deal with you in the morning, I don't want a hangover as well."

"Youre ash bad ash Bird Butt! Holy chrap on a chrackir!" An arrow pierces the sofa next to the billionaire.

"You really chouldnt call him Bird Butt, Tony," Natasha says with only a slight slur as she takes another shot.

"How come you barely even look drunk, Nat?" Banner asks.

"'m Russian," she smirks. The doctor smiles and goes back to his magazine.

"Den you need mori drink Lady Natacha! Banner bring ush mori!" Thor yells.


A feminine voice shouts from the apartment upstairs.

"Sorry!" The doctor shouts back, putting down his magazine. Thor brandishes his hammer at the ceiling and appears to be about to say something. Before he can, he hits the floor with a incredibly loud thump.

"Right boys 's been fun but I need to go," Natasha stands, wobbling only slightly.

"Sure you'll be ok, Nat?" Bruce asks, walking over to his friends. The assassin tosses him The Look.

"Right, right, you're Russian. See you tomorrow for Hangover Duty?" She mock salutes him and walks out.

Bruce starts trying to get Thor of his carpet, his skin turning slightly green in the process. The last time Thor slept on the carpet, the carpet sort of died and had to be replaced. He starts by trying to push him towards the sofa.

Doesn't work.

Rolling him?


Lifting him?

Haha. Nope.

Waking him up?

Hell no.

Tony has just been sat on his butt the whole time during this, his head lolling to one side. It's not until Steve walks in that Bruce actually succeeds in his mission. The solider picks up the god with ease and dumps him on the sofa. Tony jolts awake, yelping in pain. The doctor and the solider quickly move the gods legs off of the billionaires lap, pulling Tony to his feet. The man starts to move towards the kitchen, reaching for a bottle of scotch. His legs seem to give way under him as soon as he grabs it. Steve grabs his friend before he falls, guiding him to his room.

"Shdeve, Im fine! Gerroff me!"

"Come on, Tony, you need to sleep," Steve pushes him down, Bruce snatching the bottle of scotch from his friends hand. Tony wrestles Steve off of him and stands, wobbling.

"Gerroff me!" Tony repeats, "I’m ash sober ash ‘m gonna git. And nuffink I - wait wait wait - nuffink you can do ‘boutit.”

The billionaire makes for the door of his bedroom. But before he can make it, his eyes roll back in his head and he face plants the floor. Steve and Bruce exchange a glance.


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