What if The Avengers all live together in one building, run by landlord Nick Fury? Shenanigans and slight sexy times are sure to ensure and watch everything enfold right here on Movellas! Be sure to favorite so you never miss an episode and comment anything or any ship that you want to happen. All rights reserved. Copyright 2014 Jessica Catt and Amour Fallen, Marvel. Cover by the amazing Incandescent Night.


1. Authors Note (I know these are normally later on, but I needed to put one here)







Welcome to Avengers, the one and only Marvel sitcom! So, here's some details you need to know about said sitcom:

1. Each season will have 15 episode. An episode will be published every two weeks (they take forever to write and the real world has a habit of getting in the way!).


2. The living situation is as follows

Bruce Banner/The Hulk and Tony Stark/Iron Man live on the second to top floor of the apartment building.

Steve lives across the hall from him

Clint Barton/Hawkeye lives on the floor below Steve.

Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow lives across the hall from Clint.

Thor and Loki live in the floor below Natasha.

It is unknown who lives across the hall from Thor & Loki. (the pair rarely stay in their apartment, prefering to crash in the others homes, and the other Avengers haven't actually visited the Asgardians apartment so they don't know the neighbour.)


3. For the purpose of this sitcom, all Avengers except Thor are single. Also, all of the Avengers except Natasha, Loki and Thor are bi.


4. All the Marvel characters exist in the same universe for the purpose of this sitcom.


5. This sitcom is set 10 YEARS AFTER the events of The Avengers BUT BEFORE the whole Hydra invasion thingy. This is set during that happy little period inbetween those events. They've all made up with Loki, Tony's relationship with Pepper has broken down, Bruce's relationship with Betty has also broken down and Thor is still with Jane. However, Coulsons team is still together & have been for the past five years and Tony has met Harley Keener (this will be important later on!).


6. This is not endorsed by Marvel and they own all the characters.


7. If you have any ideas for a moments (eg Loki having a fight with a toaster or Steve watching Star Wars for the first time) or have characters you want included, please comment! We will try our best to put everything in. Also, co-author spots are always open, so if you have a cool idea for a episode or just want to write a episode, then drop a comment and we can talk buisness :)




P.S- I've done my best to make sure all the science talk about is correct, but if it's not tell me and I'll correct it :)

P.P.S- Hail HYDRA ;)

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