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This was originally a class project, to write a short story about any kind of relationships.
I chose to write a short story about the LACK of any kind of relationships......


3. Chapter Three


The cat read itself again, and this time, it walked toward me. When it got about 50 feet away from me, it glitched away, just like the piano. I curled up on the floor, and tried to get some sense over this god-forsaken place.


After what seemed like an eternity, I gave in. I thought that, if I ran forever, surly I’d get somewhere. So I stood up, and ran. And ran. After at least a few hundred miles, I saw what appeared to be a cliff. As I neared toward the cliff, I was oblivious to what was beneath it, and was running too fast to stop in time.


No one took any notice of the man in a suit lying dead on the streets of Boston. Not a soul.

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