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This was originally a class project, to write a short story about any kind of relationships.
I chose to write a short story about the LACK of any kind of relationships......


1. Chapter One

My eyes flickered open. The clinical white emptiness blinded me. There was nothing. Just white. I looked around. Nothing. I never liked being somewhere I didn’t know, or like, and I certainly didn’t know here. I slowly stepped onto my feet, and I noticed that my footsteps didn’t produce a noise. There was no floor, it was like a sheet of paper, just flat, but somehow, I didn’t fall. I shouted “hello?” but no noise escaped my mouth. I had always, whenever possible, been alone, like this. I had always been an introvert at school, and had often escaped, in my dreams to a place like this. But something felt different. Something felt wrong. It started to scare, and overwhelm me, so I ran. Because, when you’re scared, you run. Right?

Who knows how far I wan. Could be miles, could be metres, there was nothing to compare distance to. I saw a black dot appear from what I can now assume as the horizon, as it was eye level. I walked toward the dot, slowly. As I approached it I could tell it was an animal of some kind. I was alone, so any thought of another living thing was a relief, even if it had been a bear that wanted to rip me to shreds. As I neared it, it disappeared before I could tell what animal it was.

My heart was pounding and my breath was heavy, and deep, although I still could not hear it. I didn’t like it there, in that space. When I had dreamed about it when I was younger, I had full control over it, I could change it any colour of the rainbow, I could even play music. But most importantly, I could control when I was there, and when I was not.

But here, I was helpless.

I prayed, to whatever, if any, being hat was holding me captive here, saying, and “If anybody can hear this, hear me out. Let me go. Or at least explain what is happening. Please” but as before, no sound escaped me.

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