My Dream Ending of Heroes of Olympus

This is my entry to the Percy Jackson writing competition. Hope you enjoy it and good luck to any other competitors.



Calypso sat on the sand. It had felt like forever since Leo had left. It could have been forever. Time was strange on Ogygia.

'He'll come back,' she whispered to no one in particular. They had never come back before. It was true that Odysseus and Francis Drake never truly loved her but Percy was a different story. He said that he'd come back but he never did. Maybe he had tried or maybe that was just her hopeless dream. Great.

'NO MAN HAS EVER FOUND OGYGIA TWICE!' Calypso had screamed at the sky with tears in her eyes as soon as Leo's raft had disappeared off the horizon. No one. I will always be alone. This was how she had felt since however long ago Leo had left. Why must the gods mock her? They always send a brave hero who she would fall in love with then they take him away.

Everything she did now felt different. Her garden had lost its colour. The flowers had begun to die and the leaves were a sickly shade of green. 'Why do you have to mess everything up?' She said to the sky. She seemed to speak to the sky a lot these days or hours or years. Calypso always felt broken when a hero left the island but Leo had been different to the others. He was kind and sweet and funny and clever but completely different to the ones before him.

She lay back on the sand. The sand caught in her hair but she didn't care anymore. She couldn't keep staring at the sea. She'd hoped to make out a little figure on a boat that sped straight for her island but to no avail. Come on Leo. The cloudless sky stretched as far as the eye could see. She scanned the sky. The seas had been empty for what seemed like eternity. It could have been eternity.

Leo Valdez could be dead by now. Gaia could have defeated them. She couldn't think about that. He had sworn on the River Styx. Calypso squinted. A small speck of gold had appeared in the sky. LEO! Calypso screamed inside. She scrambled up. Could it be him? The golden blob shot to the side with a puff of smoke. Definitely Leo. He had come back. Yes! 

* * *

The golden dragon crashed into the edge of the sand and threw Leo into the sea with a splash. He sat up, slightly bewildered, with sand and seaweed in his hair.

'Calypso.' That was all he needed to say.

'What do you call this?' she replied, crossing her arms, 'Crashing right onto my beach. Do you know how long it will take to clean up all this mess? And why are you covered in soot?'

'Sorry,' Leo stood up. He was taller. More muscular. Stop. She could think about how he looked later. Now was the time to concentrate on how he had done the impossible. 'I got a little stuck blowing up Gaia.'

Calypso raised an eyebrow.

'Oh yeah, guess who beat Gaia?' Leo grinned. 'Me! I did!'

'Well, I guess I can let it slide this time but don't think that you can do that every time you turn up late,' She hugged him. It felt incredible. Yes! The gods had finally let something go her way. Thank you Zeus.

'I think it's time for formal introductions,' Leo let go of Calypso and pointed to his dragon on the sand. It was confused to say the least. It lay on its back trying and failing to stand up. 'That's Festus!'

'That is a bronze dragon.'

'Yep isn't it great?' Leo looked like a five year old who had just been given a lifetimes supply of chocolate. 'That's our ride out of here.'

'That thing can fly?'

'Didn't you see my incredible entrance?'

'I saw it falling, not flying.'

'Okay, okay,' Leo put his hands up jokingly. 'I can fix it. Just give me a second.'

Leo had let go of Calypso's hand and she had tried incredibly hard not to grab it back as he walked towards the dragon. He leant forwards and fiddled with some panels in the bronze dragon's body. Something pinged and the dragon rolled over and stood up. Leo stood proudly next to it. 'Like I said, I'm awesome,' He grinned.

'I've been waiting an eternity for someone to take me off this damned island. Leo Valdez, will you do the honours?' Calypso held out her hand.

'My lady,' he took her hand and helped her onto the dragon. 'Take us home Festus!'

The bronze dragon unfurled its wings and propelled them into the sky.

* * *

After a long time, the dragon finally set down on a hill next to a pine tree. Leo and Calypso stood together just admiring the camp for a second before people began to notice them and rush up the hill.

'Leo!' a boy shouted. Calypso looked closer. It was Percy Jackson. 'You're alive!'

'You think that dirt-faced goddess could knock a hero as awesome as me down?' Leo replied in his humorous way. Percy went to give Leo a hug and noticed Calypso.

'Calypso, oh,' He looked in shock, 'I tried to get the gods to free you but then all this happened and…' Percy trailed off.

'Now is not the time for apologies,' a centaur had appeared behind Percy. 'Now is the time for celebrations.' The centaur high-fived Leo and looked at Calypso. He took a breath and smiled. 'Welcome to Camp Half-Blood Calypso of Aeaea,' He said and all the campers cheered.

This was the start of Calypso's story. Correction - the start of Leo and Calypso's story.

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