"Moopoo?" i ask. "yeah?" "LETS GO PARTY!"
Cesar- Moopoo

Juli- Juki

pia- paige

Leonidas- Leon\Brandon

Codei- codie/cody


1. Fly, if you believe!


                           I woke up on a day where you jump up existed and freak out and sing and jump. 

         "PAH PAH PAH PAH PAH!!" i scream running through the house.

          "EKEKKEKEE PIAAAAAAA!! HURRY! WHERE ARE YOU!! WE HAVE TO GET ON LE PLAANNEEE!!" i scream throughout the house. 

            "IM RIGHT HERE BB!" i hear her yell from the kitchen. *sigh* there she is eating a pop tart sitting on the kitchen counter. I reach into the fridge and grab a water bottle. 

          "Pia, go pack your suitcase please." I say Exhaustedly.

          "YASS MA'AM!!" she says as she skips off to her room. I run up to my room and start packing. Clothes, charger, phone, laptop, earbuds, And everything else. 


         We head to the airport- Im driving. Im not a great driver; But i can drive decently. 

    "FINNAALLLLYYYY" pia screams as we park in the lot. We grab our stuff from  the trunk and head inside.

   "ay yo juli, is dayt leon?" she says gangster style.

  "I think so, homie." i respond. 

  "just yell his name and if he looks then its him" she says like its simple.

   "Fine. LEEEONNN" i yell. He turns around.

  "PIAAA? JULIII??" he yells. he walks over to us then we all walk to the plane entrance tunnel thingy. 

 "Now boarding (blah blah plane stuff)" The intercom says. we get on the plane and sit down. the first thing i so is.. SLEEEEEEEP

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