"Moopoo?" i ask. "yeah?" "LETS GO PARTY!"
Cesar- Moopoo

Juli- Juki

pia- paige

Leonidas- Leon\Brandon

Codei- codie/cody


2. doobstep


   "GET UP!!" i hear Pia and leon yell at me in sync. 

  "Huh? oh yeah" i say realizing im on a plane. we get off the plane and look around for Me- Cesar and Codie. We couldn't find them so we head to Starbucks just to make leon mad. 

    Me and Pia order our Coffee and walk over to the other side where we get our drinks. 

   We grab our drinks and walk over to a table and sit down.

 "Im gonna call Mew." Pia says. As she calls him she walks away.

  "Hai Leon!" i say.

 "sup." he responds.

 "Yeah so there out side in the pull." Pia says.   

As were in the car Pia plugs in her phone and puts on dubstep.

(i had to vv)


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