The boy next door

A new family has just moved into their new home. I then invite them over for dinner but something bad happen. The boy and I then met on the street and became friends. We then show how feel about each other and start dating but we were worried about our parents knowing that we are dating.

The boy looks at me and I looked back at him...


1. A new neighbour and a new boy

I woke with a loud noise outside. It was the new family that was moving in. I saw a lady,man and a boy. The boy looks like an 18 year old boy. My father knocks on the door and tells me to get ready to invite the new family over for dinner tonight. I quickly got out of bed and got ready.

My father told me to give the new neighbours a bunch of flowers. He handed me a bunch of flowers and send me off. I walked to their front door and pressed the doorbell. The door opened and when I went to say something I saw the boy. We looked into each others eyes.

I then snapped out of it and started to introduce myself to him and gave him the flowers. "Hi my name is Lily and my father told me if you and your parents can come over tonight for dinner as a welcome party." I say with a smile. "My name is Calum. Calum Hood and it is an honour to meet you. My parents will never say no to nobody so yes we will." He says confidently.

"Ok then come over at 7:00pm then. Bye." I say happily. "Ok bye." Calum says with a grin. I happily skipped back home and told my parents that he is coming for dinner. We quickly got ready. I helped my mother to cook while my father was setting up the table with my brother Ethan. Everyone rushes as the time goes past very quickly.

Everyone then went up to their bedrooms to get changed. My mother wore a dress, my father wore a suit, my little brother wore casual clothes and so did I. We then heard the doorbell ring. I ran to the door and opened it. It was Calum and his parents. I then took them to the dinner table and showed them where they sit.

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