''Here they come/for Helloween/''

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  • Published: 17 Oct 2014
  • Updated: 17 Oct 2014
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This my scary poem about the upcoming festivities for Helloween


1. very good

 Here they come-witches, monsters and ghosts.
Tonight they are scattered here and there,
yes, be careful-they are everywhere!
But only for tonight in all the year,
they rule the dark and bring us fear,
but if you don't tease them and just be nice,
they will not infest you all over with lice.

 Here they come even more-wicked skeletons, elves and wizards,
they just invade the town like a blizzard.
Children and puppies, even little birds hide in their homes,
'cos they don't want to see the evil gnomes.

 They trembling lie in their cozy beds ,
  but even there they goblins see,
 spooks and devils, and all that be.

 Soon the full moon will be gone
 and the jack-o-lanterns will not be bright
  and all these creatures will surely hide-
  until next year the same time , when I will hear
  more shouts and screams-
  the sounds that welcome Helloween

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