over and over

Ava, a 17 year old girl who has lived her life alone. she ran away to get away from bullies, her parents and just life. she has never stuck by the rules , she just wants to live her life. she finds herself on her best adventure yet with Luke. Luke hemmings is an outcast. after ava gets herself into an accident will they find there self living over and over???


2. // chapter two //



"excuse me ma'am this is the last stop" the bus driver kindly said shaking me awake.

"oh, ok thanks" I replied while I sat up.

I stood up and took a quick glance around the now empty bus while I stretched.

"have a good night"  the bus driver said as I went to step off the bus.

"you too- wait um do you know where we are?"

"Sydney" he said with a smile as he closed the bus doors

I gave him a smile and wave as he drove off.

great, so now where to go

I had no idea where about I was in Sydney or what I was going to do now.

for now I'm going to just keep walking until I find somewhere safe looking to stay for



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