over and over

Ava, a 17 year old girl who has lived her life alone. she ran away to get away from bullies, her parents and just life. she has never stuck by the rules , she just wants to live her life. she finds herself on her best adventure yet with Luke. Luke hemmings is an outcast. after ava gets herself into an accident will they find there self living over and over???


1. //chapter one //



I quickened my pace at packing my backpack as my parents kept screaming at each other,

I couldn't take all the fighting anymore. I cant believe I am actually doing this, I'm finally getting

out of this place. I absolutely hated the town I lived in, I was constantly bullied both

physically and verbally.

before I knew it I was done packing. I only packed the things I absolutely needed which was:

my ukulele, song book & pencil , a jacket and the only money I could find which was $35.

that's all I needed for now but hopefully I could make more money with my ukulele.

I waited at the top of the stairs to make sure it was clear.

as soon as my parents moved to the kitchen where I would be out of sight I quickly

and quietly ran to the front door and out of my house. I kept running until I was

out of my neighbourhood. as soon as I got to the bus station I got on a bus but I

had no idea where I was going. I decided to take a nap , I wasn't planning on getting off

this bus anytime soon anyway.

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