The Dark Assassin


6. Strangers and Strength

He exhaled and saw his breath in front of him. He wondered why they were going back now when they had just traveled two days to get here but he didn’t question. He wanted to go home. For once in his life. He always wanted to leave and go with Vivian on her trips and missions and to the university and when he was really small he had wanted to live in the tree tops. .. He saw a glint of something in the corner of his eye. He whipped his head to see what it was. Nothing.  He looked forward again, this time cautiously- he glanced at Vivian she seemed to notice it to and he was sitting up straight on her horse and one of her hands hovered by her waist. This time as he was looking at her and she was looking to the bushes besides her did he see another flash. This time right in front of him. Their horses seemed to notice  this time because they kept whining and pulling away. Gabriel pulled on hi reigns and yanked the horse to where he was supposed to go and look.

Vivian felt the hair on the back of her neck prickle. She slowly looked at Gabriel and he too, looked spooked. Vivian kept riding on ahead, not looking backwards. Finally they were getting to the exit of the woods which led to a meadow which lead to his house. She shot off towards the meadow- she and Gabriel fully charging their horses.

She felt the crisp wind slap her face and she could feel as her lips chapped and dried up. Her eyes ran with the wind and she used one of her stiff from gripping her reign so hard to wipe away the tears. In the back of her mind she was worrying about Rory and everywhere else in her was telling her to run and never come back. She didn’t listen to her gut. Her horse sped up and she jumped off of her horse into a pile of hay by the stables and she let her horse return on its own. Gabriel arrived shortly after that. He looked amused as he realized that she was in the hay. He reached his arm out and she grasped it and pulled herself out of the hay and she hugged him as she had months ago.

“I could of sworn…” She began and than she grew silent and spaced herself. She looked down at her booted feet and at the straw she was standing on and the straw in her hair and she quietly walked away. She said nothing but there were thoughts racing through her head. About Rory. Gabriel. Those people. She filled herself a bath and fell asleep, mentally thanking the King and Queen of all for the water.

It steamed around her and she sunk further into the boiling water.

She awoke when the water nearly hit freezing. Her eyes shot open and she shivered uncontrollably.  She got up from the bath- water dripping off of every crevice and curve and it pooled on the floor below her.  She grabbed the nearest towel off of the floor and wrapped it around her shoulders. Her hair waved a bit (Only because it was wet) and she wadded- dripping water pools every where she stepped as she ran around the house half naked to her bed when she buried herself under the covers. Her eyes automatically drifted shut and she dreamed of her playing the piano. Her fingers lightly pressing down on the keys and sending sound echoing throughout the whole house, the whole world, the universe. Every one heard and everyone was watching. Her fingers suddenly hit harder down on the keys and she shrunk as the piano grew and by the end the piano was 100 times her sizes and to play a note she would have to step on the keys and her pressure made no noise and so she jumped and hurt her feet, and her back and bottom.

When she awoke her face was moist and her nose was running. She touched a finger to it and it came away smeared with blood. A nosebleed. Just what she needed.

There was no fire in the fire place in her room and so she padded- draping her heavy blanket around her shoulders and lit the fire easily with a knife and a rock. Shortly after warming herself and soaking the whole blanket with blood from her nose did she decide to get dressed and prepped for the day. It was before noon so no one would be awake. She slid down the bannister like she was never allowed to do because there was no one to tell her off and besides it was faster than walking. She slid off of the bannister and still holding her heavy with blood towel she dropped it in the laundry room with a small amount of money dropped on it. They deserved it. Having to wash away her blood and her mud ever day. It was a miracle workers job! Just as she was about to break open a warm, fluffy roll of bread the front door opened and Rory stepped in. He had the mail in one hand and a pad of paper and pens in the other.

He jogged up to her and placed the mail in her free hand. She broke the bread with one hand and handed him a piece.  He bit into the piece and his face was an expression of clear joy as the warmth of the bread hit his gums and warmed his stomach as it went down.  He stared into her stormy gray eyes and then looked down at the mail. She flipped thru it with both hands as she stuck her bread in her mouth which warmed her front teeth.  She finally stopped at a yellowish envelope with no address rather that hers on it. She opened it with her knife and stared at the letter. He face grew pale and her eyes grew wide. She clutched the letter to her chest and Rory watched as tears met her eyes- though they never left them she could see the liquid in her eyes. Rory touched her shoulder affectionately and she pulled away. Sadly enough, he was used to being pushed away. He knew her feelings. She had told him so many times in so many different words and each time (Especially more recently) they had both ended up sideways and kissing. Now was not the time. He lightly leaned in (as the coast was clear) and gently kissed her cheek. Than he jogged up the steps to Gabriel’s room for their first drawing. At the top of the stairs as he was about to turn to go to the hall way with Gabriel’s room he looked back at her and she hadn’t really moved except now she was on her knees and the letter was still criss-crossed in her arms and held to her chest.  He walked on.

Vivian stared at the letter. It was so alike the other ones but so different. This time instead of a man to kill or two there was a whole list.

Martha Jones

Lorian Cormay

Danil Botter

Klavis and Cuttle Farmlin

The Xyer family

Lana Rose

Sir Belgram of Preeves

Minya DePil

Jormer Gautland

Lanie Pond’

And it went on and on like that. Vivian shook. There were at least seventy people on that list and what was even worse was at the bottom written in red was a scratched out note that said “This is you last letter in a month. Enjoy” It was almost illegible but she could still read it. Vivian took a deep breath and than another. She placed one foot on the floor and stood. She held herself high, chin raised, shoulders proud and she said to the empty house.

“I am Vivian Bliss. I am 17 years old and I have killed over hundreds of people. I can do a few more.” She said her voice cracking at the last bit “ And here I come.” She said, grabbing her twin daggers and twirled them in both hands and she made her way to the door, kicking it open she left the house and ran. 

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