The Dark Assassin


7. Slaughter and Regret

She never was a fan of running. Regret stung her legs as she ran miles in minutes to the nearest town. She would camp out in the treetops until dark when she would become the dark assassin. She saw a hint of daylight in a gap between the trees and she saw busy people. She knew she was supposed to be there. She climbed a tree and her fingers scrabbled upon the bark as she tried to wrap her arms around the sturdiest branch up high. Her legs were dangling below her and her hands just seemed not to strong. She used one of her feet to kick up off the tree and she lay on the branch. The branch was facing the forest. She leaned her back against the tree and began to sharpened her daggers on her shoe. Her stomach growled later that boring day and all she did was slowly and carefully walked across the branch- careful not to slip and she grabbed and apple from the nearest tree. She bit into the apple and one foot after the other stepped on the branch.

By the time night set she was bored out of her mind. She pulled the list out of her pocket and peered over it quickly. She scaled down the tree and walked into town.  She climbed up a local ladder onto a roof and that’s how she worked. She scaled roof top to roof top dropping down chimneys where each person lived. There were points when she cried that night. Many times did she hate herself and wonder why she was doing this.  By the time she had stabbed her last victim the sun was rising and no one was awake.

She knew the pubs would be open.

She sauntered in tiredly and sat on a stool. A older plump lady was behind the counter. She rested her elbow on the table and leaned her head into her hand. The pub had a scatter of people. Around ten- ten absolutely drunk and sad and depressed men who sat and drank away their time and money and decency. When her cider came she dropped a few golden coins on the table in front of her and the lady snatched them up in a hustle.

The lady’s name turned out to be Eunice and she was a badass lady. When people would get rowdy she would push them out (Both literally and physically) and when people were glum (Like her) she would offer up advice in her straggly voice. When she had ordered her fifth drink she heard the first scream. Than another and another and soon the whole town (the ones who were alive) were screaming. Eunice as it turned out was used to things like that (Though Vivian had a suspicion that she wasn’t used to being woken up by murderous screams from murder) and ignored it. Though thru out the rest of the week those screams would play on repeat in her brain. Echoing from side to side of her mind. Over and over again until one day- during breakfast with Gabriel she screamed aloud in frustration. He still had no idea that she had slaughtered dozens of people in one night than drunk away her fears.

“What would you do If I died?” She asked him later that day while he was painting he and Rory’s surprise drawing.

“I would be…miserable. My life would have no meaning. You’ve always been my meaning.” He said a bit concerned.He waited a few second before saying “What would you do if I were dead?”

“I would….Be extremely sad. You’ve always been there for me but I would be happy for you.”

“WHAT?” He screeched obviously he never thought of the joys of death

“Life and death are simply checkpoints on the road of life.” She said knowingly

“I hate you sometimes” Gabriel murmured and he hugged her. She sunk into his arms thinking about how she always felt so safe with Gabriel. She smiled into his shoulder. 

Hours later when he had gotten up to lid his paints and come back to clean up his mess she had announced.  “I am going to my flat.” Gabriel raised his eyes at her. “You may come to.” Rory walked in just then. ‘’ And you. I think its time.” Gabriel had no idea what the time for what was and Rory had no idea what just happened but he still followed Vivian and Gabriel. 

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