The Dark Assassin


5. Fears and Desperation

“So. Who was that person you had with you this morning?” Vivian asked, hoping she wasn’t giving herself away somehow. Her voice or her eyes or the question its self.

“Rory. He’s a painter in town. Quite good actually. You should see some of his work.” Vivian bit her lip and said nothing. When Rory showed Gabriel his work he better of not put the ones of her in there. They weren’t bad drawings its just that they were of her and in Gabriel’s mind they had never met before.  “And we met one day- a few weeks ago, and I had some of my drawing with me and he was drawing on the street and we decided to collaborate…”

“On what?” she asked.

“Surprise” Gabriel said, grinning into the distance.

“And?” she asked.

“I don’t know much more. We’re just figuring it out- we both have different ideas but you could ask him for his idea. I bet he would tell you.” Vivian betted he would more than tell her. She said nothing but nodded as the darkness engulfed them and the only noise that was being made by the both of them was the galloping of their horses.  

Late that night by the small fire she had lit she pulled out the letter.

‘Miss Bliss.  I understand. Andrew and Henry Boxwell’ it was followed by an address and a sentence each on each brother. And now Gabriel and Vivian were going to one of the grandest parties ever to kill a person or two. She had no idea who these victims were or what they did to deserve to die. She never thought about it. Her eyes drifted shut and she dreamed about a black haired child sailing on a green-yellow boat. 

She awoke the next morning to a nightmare.  Her face was covered in sweat and because of that dirt stuck to her face. Gabriel was anxiously looking at her from across the empty fire pit. They both ate some stale bread and hopped on their horses.

“What did you dream about?”

“Hm?” she answered back in a daze.

“Your dream. It was a nightmare. About what?”

“Blood everywhere- like a stream and in the blood were floating bottles. Just like….” She grew silent. Now was one of those times when she wanted to just hold someone. To feel loved and safe and weak- but she knew that that would never happen. There she was. Vivian Bliss. An assassin who received anonymous letters telling her who to kill. She was only loved by her cousin and the lover that her cousin never knew about. She always sort of hated it. She felt that if she ran away with Rory (She had thought it during some points) she would leave Gabriel and he was her cousin. He took care of her when she was a child. Half of what she knew came from him. He always looked after her, and cared and made sure she was alright. But Rory? He made her feel love. Not just family love but a bit deeper than that. Like her soul fluttered when he was mentioned (Which he never was until now) and she felt light in his arms. And she could never chose between them. Vivian had spent many a night staying up late thinking about sacrifice. If it was Gabriel or Rory who would she chose?

No one. She decided. She would sacrifice herself first.

“Would you like to hear my dream?” He said brightly after their awkward silence Without waiting for an answer he began “Well, I was sitting in kings palace and suddenly a bird flew in and sat on my head. For some reason I was wearing the crown and a sheet- but that doesn’t really matter. Anyway after the first one soon came another one! And then a third came! And by then those birds were really having a blast on my head! Then in came a stag! It stood on its back legs and started dancing.  Its arms flew everywhere! Then more and more animals came and one of them slipped me a blue drink. Naughty fox that was. And then- the wildest thing happened! I started dancing! It was the oddest thing when Queen Cordelia came in in a blue dress and King Henry followed her in his pajamas! It was the oddest thing let me tell you…” Vivian couldn’t help but laugh at Gabriel’s wacky dream. She grinned at him on her horse.

“Yep and was I there?”

“Yes.” Said Gabriel seriously. “ You were having a blast with a deer.”

“Well that’s awkward.” She said.

“Yep.”  Another awkward silence. She looked around. It had taken them longer than she thought. They must of slept later than planned for the sky was already setting.

“Race?” she asked leaning into her horse.

“Bring it on” Gabriel replied.

“Go!” she shouted and they took off, leaping over logs and dodging branches. A branch whipped her cheek as she sped by. They were slowing down when they reached the main road. Gabiel threw on his best smile though she could see through his mask of joy that he really just wanted to pound her face for he had lost by a long shot and as wise as he might be he was still a sore loser. Even through those four years at the university and poor Gabriel couldn’t even stand it if he lost- though he should be used to it by now.

Their horses trotted along the road and they followed the long stream of carriages that went from the road thru many back roads.  They both looped between the carriages to the front. When they made it they parked their horses and watched for a few seconds at the couples who- like at the Sir James party , walk up. Vivian took a few steps back and stared at the large houses. They were always so elegant and they never had bad reputations- until she was done with them. They both snuck to the side of the house and climbed onto the patio. From there they both snuck in. the room was already crowded and she stood out. She was wearing her gear. She got odd stares but she ignored them with her head high. She looked around the room for two young men standing close by each other.

Her eyes finally settled on two men- one chubbier than the other. The plumper one was orange haired and freckled and rosy in the cheeks. The other one looked a bit like Gabriel. Tall, long, gangly (Much more like past Gabriel than current one because Gabriel had some muscles) and brown haired. Sh walked up to them smiling. They both didn’t see her. They seemed anxious and kept peering above heads to look for someone at the door. She stood back a bit- keeping her distance. Gabriel glided up next to her. He said nothing but saw where her eyes were and stared there too. Suddenly the brother both stood on their toes and waved their arms up in the air seeing someone. Suddenly someone whooshed next to her and she felt them scape against her shoulder. She looked at the bothers and they were both hugging and slapping someone. A familiar someone. A Rory someone. He grinned at them and looked into the crowd. Straight at her. When he met her his face fell grave and his mouth fell. He knew what was coming. Suddenly he saw Rory lean up and whisper something into the taller ones ear. He nodded and fell pale.

Vivian suddenly knew it was now or never. She slipped through the crowd and made her way behind the group of three. They were all looking ahead. She grasped her dagger in her right hand in her pants belt and she slipped it out and stabbed the red-head through the heart so he could make no noise. She was buried in the crowd as he fell. The taller one suddenly knew what was happening and ran out of the back door of the room. Vivian an after him. She went out the back door of the house and he was gone. Then Vivian knew what was to be said. She stormed back into the ballroom and people were rolling the body out of the room and no one seemed to really notice. She marched up to Rory and pushed on his shoulder.

“WHAT ON HEAVEN AND HELL WAS THAT?” she demanded. Rory looked solemn.

“Im sorry.  He was like my brother…” He faded off.

“And you couldn’t let me kill him for the welfare of others? What about  the other one?”

“Annoying.” He said dismissively ‘‘Would it make you feel better that I poisoned my own brother?” He asked, his voice cracking and filled with emotion. His face crumpled and he fell into Vivian sobbing. She made soothing sounds and half dragged him outside to the green grass. She smoothed his auburn hair down. He was shaking and she knew that feeling. His first murder. Good for him. She stared at the patio (Hopefullly) sending telepathic tones to Gabriel to stare out of the window.

What felt like hours later Rory whispered harshly “I am a horrible person.’

“Only if you wish to be” She said staring off into the woods. “And you Rory are a wonderful person.  You have a wonderful life. A wonderful job. Wonderful friends. Everything is wonderful except your lover. She is a murderer. She is a gust of icy cold wind that chills you to the bone…” she dazed off. Minutes later they separated. He kissed her with such emotion and told her to go. As she was leaving she smelt the sharp rotten smell of vomit and she looked behind her and saw Rory on his knees and elbows hurling into the grass. She knew from experience that he just wanted to be alone.  She walked to her horse and didn’t look back.

Gabriel had been swept away by the crowd and by the time when he looked over the heads of people (Because he wasn’t being pushed around) he saw none of the brothers. He saw no Rory. He knew it was him. It was not his place to ask but Gabriel had seen the glare sent between Vivian and Rory and he wondered what he did not know.

Gabriel was claustrophobic. He had never known until now. He had never been around so many people pushed his way to the front doors and pushed pass the masses of people walking into the building. He made his way over to his horse and draped his arm over it and rested his head on it panting. He knew Vivian was there watching him.  He clumsily got on his horse and they set off. On the main road Vivian had nabbed two apples and she tossed one to him. He bit into the apple and sourish juice flooded his mouth.

“Successful. ” she said randomly though he knew what she was talking about. She had killed two brothers and was proud of it. She had every right to be. They made their way into the woods and began their descent-dodging and lacing between trees or on the rough path. They picked the path. Gabriel felt that he could breathe. That he could fill his lungs with the crisp air-none of the hot air in the room.

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