The Dark Assassin


8. Cold and Family

She ran through the woods once more.  Her vision bobbled as she took her morning run. She was dressed in her gear- as always and she would come home to hot cider and a new letter that now was sent to her flat. As she turned around to go back to her flat a man in the shadows stood in front of her.  He spoke.

He was beginning to worry as he always did whenever she wasn't home on time. He had her hot cider set on the table and his own tea in his hands warming them from the freezing air outside. He was dressed in a warm knitted red hat that covered his ears and he was wrapped in a blanket. He had been waking up earlier than he usually did at his childhood home. He looked around behind him at the few chairs there were and the young man sitting, wrapped up in a red blanket on a green chair reading a blue book. He looked back down at the table and at the chair we was sitting on and the other few in the set. Against his will he smiled. She had opened up to him and it had been awkward and the three of them were now living in her flat but they were doing it together. They could all do as they wished and what they needed to do. She could go out and kill and him and the man could draw and paint. They had made some money that way but most of the artwork was to special to sell.

She came into the flat an hour late. He stood up quickly and asked her where she had been. She told him that her sender had spoken to her. He asked who and what did she do. She only replied with a shake of her hair and she disappeared in her room to change into warmer and less dirtier clothes and a blanket and she padded her way to the table with Gabriel and she inhaled her mug of cider and held it in her hands and let it thaw her hands and her heart. She looked over at Rory who was very involved in his book and smiled into her mug. This was the life. Though it may not be as pretty as she wished it was still her life. She was living with the two people she loved the most and though her job details might be a little sketchy it was still good enough for her. She set her woolen socked feet on the table and let the stream from her mug thaw her nose.  

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