Supernatural! L.H

Kylie Nichols isn't an ordinary person. She has something no one else does. Superpowers. But she realizes she's not the only one when she meets Luke Hemmings, a boy in her new school in Sydney. Will their powers bring them together or will they use it against each other?


4. Police 🚓

Rebekah's POV

*band practice*

-we just gotta get out we just gotta get out- they all sang together.

I stood up an applauded.

-WOW! Did you write that yourself?!- I complimented/asked.

-Thank you! And yes actually we did. But Calum did most of it- Ashton answered.

-but you guys are really good. Really-

-thank you- they all said.

-we post covers in YouTube. But we've never sang out own songs. So this is the first time anyone have ever heard any of them- luke continued.

-aw I feel so special-

-YOU ARE SPECIAL. LOOK AT WHAT YOU CAN DO- Michael shouted at my face.


He just smiled and there was a knock on the door. He walked up the stairs to the front door and opened it. We walked up and saw two polices on the door. Michael looked at me and Luke with a worried face. He stepped away from the door and stood next to Calum.

-is there a Luke Hemmings and a Kylie Nichols here?- one of the polices said.

-Ya, here- me and Luke said.

- will you come with me please. I'm officer Reynolds and this is officer Taylor. We got a call from your school, Norwest Christian College, saying you've got some superpowers?- he asked. We didn't say anything.

-you- he said pointing at Luke -can move objects, walk through anything, compel people and read minds, correct?-

Luke nodded.

-And you- he said pointing at me -you can super speed, turn invisible, compel people and read minds too, correct?-

I nodded.

-This is nonsense. How can you possibly-- officer Taylor was cut off by Luke moving a bowl from the kitchen table and letting it float in from of his face and me turning invisible.

-H-how is this f-floating and w-where did the girl go?- he continued while stuttering.

-Didn't you say I can move things?- Luke said.

-and didn't you say I can turn invisible?- I said, reappearing.

He was speechless. They just left their mouths open. I sped to them an compelled them.

-accept us as who we are- I said to officer Taylor, compelling him. While I compelled him, Luke did the exact same to officer Reynolds.

-Ok then. We are done here but we do need to put you on the news. People need to see this- officer Reynolds told us, returning back to normal.

-we're ok with that- Luke said. I agreed.

-ok. Can you come with me please- officer Taylor said.

Me and Luke nodded and followed him out.

-bye guys. See you later. Wait. Do you wanna come with?- I asked.

-no thank you. We're good. Thanks anyways. See ya later- Calum replied.

I closed the door and asked

-where are we going?-

-police department. You're gonna be interviewed there-

-ok. Hold my hand- I instructed.

-why?- officer Reynolds asked.

-you'll see, come on. Hold my hand-

The officers looked at each other confused.

-my gosh just hold her hand- Luke said impatiently.

They held my hand and a second later, we reached the police department.

We were standing behind the police station staring at an empty wall. The officers looked so excited and happy.

-DID YOU JUST SEE THAT? WE WENT SO FAST OH MY GOD!- officer Taylor yelled.

-speed of light- I told them.

-That was so cool! This is the good part of being a police officer- officer Reynolds said with officer Taylor nodding.

-ok. Let's go in?- Luke said, laughing -now, hold my hand-

We all held Luke's hand and we walked through the wall and into the building.


-MHM- officer Taylor agreed.

They seem so excited. Ah they'll get used to it eventually.

-So, what do we do now?- I said while laughing a bit.

-oh right, I forgot, whoops. Just sit there and we'll be back in few minutes- officer Taylor said, pointing at two chairs few meters away from us. Me and Luke nodded, walked to the chairs and sat on it. They both left into a room with a guy sitting on his desk.

-well. This is exciting- Luke said, filling in the silence.


-hey I never got to say thank you by the way. You encouraged me to use them and show it to the world. After two years of keeping it a secret, I can finally use them in public. I remember the day I got them. It was my 15th birthday and my parents were on a business trip so it was just me and my brothers. But they're way older than me so ya.. And my oldest brother, jack, is married so he was spending time with his family. I was only with my second brother, Ben. At night after dinner, I was in my room. And I slipped on my carpet and half my body was in my brothers room and my other half was in mine. It was creepy. Then my pencil started floating. I was just like 'what?' I mean like you know? You see a pencil floating then you realize it was you that made it float. I was a 15 year old child and I just realized I was able to do stuff that no one in the world could do. At least that's what I think. I'm really not sure now. But I had to learn how to control them so I used to go to the woods every Friday night and just use them. In the beginning everything around me was floating I had to miss a whole week of school so I spent the week in the woods. It was creepy. So creepy. But after a month tops, I learnt how to control it and nobody still noticed. But then I used to annoy people by moving things. Then I strayed getting bullied by the Dan guy. I don't think I know his last name. He was the new guy last year. Every single person hated him so he started bullying people. I was his victim. I didn't really care. Then a year later, you came and someone, finally, knows the real me. What you saw at school, me being shoved up a locker, isn't me. I wasn't like this two years ago. I was like other students. I have a lip ring for gods sake. You think a nerd would have a lip ring? I don't. I find that weird and creepy. I don't know why. I used to read people's minds for a while but then I stopped because people were saying really bad stuff about one another. But I knew everything. All the gossip around school. You know Rebekah?- he asked. I nodded -ya she had sex with a teacher in the guys changing room. No one else except for Chloe and Courtney know about this. Oh, and Chloe, she had a boob job and is madly in love with this guy named Phil something. I knew I couldn't spread this around because you know, that's not nice. Then after that, I just stopped listening to them. It got too fake you know. I don't know the word for it but I think you know what I mean- I nodded -but thank you Kylie Nichols. For encouraging me to stand up to that fucking Dan guy and use my powers. I really appreciate it. And thanks for doing it with me- he said, finishing.

-Wow. Your welcome Luke. And I appreciate you telling me your story. Oh and did you say you got your powers on your birthday?- he nodded -I got mine on my birthday too!-

-That's so cool!-

-and I used to go to the woods every Saturday night-

-wait. I just realized, what did the Dan guy ever do to you? I mean, it's your first day of school and you already hate someone that much?-

-he's a jerk, everyone knows that. He kept on asking me for my phone number. So I compelled him to stop asking me that. But then he started saying pick up lines so I compelled him again. I compelled him like 8 times today-

-he is a jerk-

Officer Reynolds and Officer Taylor went back out of the room with people following behind them. They had cameras and microphones and stuff. They were heading towards us. But the guy in front of the officers looked confused as fuck. He stood in front of us and started asking questions.

-So, these officers tell me you can do weird stuff?- he said/asked.

Me and Luke nodded together.

-what kind of weird stuff?-

Me and Luke looked at each other and thought 'together?'.

I turned invisible, sped next to officer Taylor an reappeared while Luke moved the chairs for the guy to sit and ran to the next room, through a wall. Then he came back.

-Holy shit! That's some impossible things to do- the guy said while adjusting himself to the chair.

-Everything's possible- me and Luke said at the same time.

-I'm Officer James by the way-

-I'm Luke Hemmings- he greeted

-and I'm Kylie Nichols- I greeted.

-What are we gonna do with you guys?- he asked us.

-Just let us be. We're just average students. Don't worry we won't do crime- I said compelling him without everyone except for Luke knowing.

-Ya. We want to be able to use it in public after two years of keeping it as a secret from everyone we know. We won't cause any harm-

He looked at everybody and thankfully agreed. Duh I just compelled him.

-ok. We will let you use them in public but, we have to tell the world. Let's go out- he said, opening the door to outside. Luke ignored the door, took my hand and we walked through the wall.

There was no one outside so no one saw.

-Luke do you think if we hold hands and use our powers at the same time it would work together?- I asked.

-I actually never thought of that. We should try that! That would be so cool!-

-We definitely should!-

-Wanna try now?- he asked.


We held hands and we turned invisible and went through a tree.

-HOLY SHIT IT WORKS- I screamed.


-let's try super speed- I suggested.

-and speed through what?-

-the officers- I said with a grin.

-yes! Ok-

We held hands and sped through the officers.

-What was that?!- officer Taylor asked.

-Sorry, we went through you guys- Luke said, smiling.

-well that felt weird-

-it did- I said.

-ok. Guys. It's time for the world to know- officer James said.

Me and Luke nodded and the people put the cameras and microphones out. They are the new reporters.

Luke's POV

It's time for people to know about our 'powers'. Officer James told the news reporter to interview us and they did.

-Hi my name is Chelsea Walkman and I'm here with two school students named Luke Hemmings and Kylie Nichols am I right?- she said, looking at the camera then at us.

-That is correct- I said.

-ok. They are here because they can do some things that no one else can do. If you live here in Sydney, get out of your houses and watch. We are currently outside the police department but we'll have it right here on film as well. Ok. Luke Hemmings, what can you do again?- she asked me.

-I can move anything without touching it and walk through anything- I explained, not wanting the world to know that I can compel people and read minds. Even though lots of people already know, including my whole school, Officer Taylor and Officer Reynolds.

-Impressive! Who else can do that? Ok. Now, Kylie Nichols. What can you do?- she asked Kylie.

-turn invisible and super speed- she said.

-wow! How fast?-

-Speed of light-

-Wow. Would you both care to show us?-

-we won't mind- me and Luke said, nodding.

-Ok guys. Now, it's time for you to get your butts of your chairs and watch this! It is amazing!-

People living around this area got out of their houses and watched us.

-I guess people are ready!- she said, laughing.

-Luke, individual or together?- she asked me.

-Individual first then together- I replied.


She sped to the end of the road, which wasn't very far, so I followed her. But since there were cars blocking it, I just went through them.

-Wow!! She's fast and he just ran through a bunch of cars! For all the people not believing, LOOK- the news reporter said.

Rebekah's POV

I sped to the end of the road and few seconds later, Luke caught up.

-Other one?- I said, saying that we should show our other power.

He nodded.

I turned invisible and sped back to the front of the camera and reappeared, making them shocked as hell. I laughed so hard and stood next to Chelsea again.

-Oh my god that shocked me! Where's Luke?- she said.

-here- I looked back as saw Luke on a flying carpet.

-Wow! He's on a flying carpet! Literally!- Chelsea said to the camera and looking at Luke.

I laughed at him.

He landed and walked through the tree that blocked him towards us.

-Nice- I said while high fiving him.

-thanks. You too!-

-thank you-

-ok! So now, you believe me? But don't worry, they won't cause harm. Just let them be who they are! So if you see them around, don't kill them. Please- She said to the camera.

-FINALLY!!- me and Luke screamed.

-finally what?- Chelsea asked.

-we've been keeping this secret from every single person in the world for two years and now we can FINALLY use it in public! Woo hoo!- Luke said.

-So not even your parents knew?-

-nope- we said, popping the 'p'.

-I just met him today- I said pointing at Luke.

-What?! It sounds like you've known each other for years!-

-Nope. I just met him like 3 hours ago-

-And I just met her like 3 hours ago-

-Wow. That's incredible- Me and Luke nodded -ok. Thank you guys so much. We hope you have a fun day-

-thank you, you too- we said.

-See you around-

-see you, bye- I said, taking Luke's hand and telling him to talk through our minds.



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