Supernatural! L.H

Kylie Nichols isn't an ordinary person. She has something no one else does. Superpowers. But she realizes she's not the only one when she meets Luke Hemmings, a boy in her new school in Sydney. Will their powers bring them together or will they use it against each other?


2. People Are Nice

Kylie's POV

Today is my first day of school! I'm so excited! I'm not usually excited for school but it's a new school so of course I'm excited!

Since school starts at 7:50, I got up at 6:30 in the morning. I walked to the bathroom took my toothbrush out, applied some toothpaste on and started brushing my teeth. After that, I undressed myself, got in the shower and turned on the water, letting the water run through my body. After I finished showering, I got out, dressed myself in black ripped skinny jeans, black loose nirvana tank top and black ankle boots to style it a little. I put my hair in a messy bun and got my backpack for school. I was going to run downstairs but I realized that my parents are home. Ugh. They're nice and caring parents and all but I can't use my powers when they're around. I walked downstairs and found my dad drinking orange juice while reading newspaper and my mom making toast.

-hey honey- mom said

-hey mom hey dad- I said

-hey Kyles- dad said. Inside his head, he's saying 'she looks nice. So nice to see my daughter enjoying her first day of school. Makes me proud'. Told ya they're nice.

-I'm off to school k. First day! WOO!!- I said, excited.

-Wait! Here's your breakfast!- mom said, handing me toast with Nutella on a tissue. She's thinking 'So glad she's back in Sydney. She probably doesn't remember it but it was a great place. I hope she loves it here'. Thanks mom.

-thanks mom- I said as I took it -I already love Sydney!-

-Have fun in school Kyles! Meet some friends!- dad shouted from the kitchen.

-Will do! Bye mom bye dad love you!- I said

-love you too!- they both said.

I walked out the house and started walking to school. It was already 7:30 and I needed to get everything ready. My locker, locker code, timetable and where to find the class. I realized there's nobody in the road, weird, so I sped to school. I was there in a second. Literally. I opened the doors to school and there were people standing by their lockers.

As I was walking in the hallway to the administration, I felt everyone's eyes on me. Some guys were whistling and saying things like 'who dat? She's hot' or cheesy pick up lines like 'hey, I lost my number, can I have yours?' Or 'do you have sunburn? Or are you always this hot?'. I just ignored them and kept on walking. Ignore it all. I didn't know where the administration's office is but I just kept on walking. Then, this girl came up to me and greeted me.

-hi! My name is Rebekah David. Are you new?-

-hi, I'm Kylie Nichols. Yes I am new. Um do you know were the admin is?-

-ya, I'll bring you there-

-thank you so much-

-you're welcome, come on. Let's go-

People are nice. Really nice. I read her mind and she's saying 'ummm... Admin... Oh right! Go right and go straight until the end. Ok'. We turned right and walked straight to the end. We both walked inside and I saw a 20 something year old lady sitting behind her desk.

-um ya, hi. My name is Kylie Nichols and I'm new to this school-

-yes. Kylie Nichols. I'm Ms Lara. Please wait a moment. I will get your locker number, locker code and timetable- with that she walked into a room behind her and went back out with a file.

-here is you locker number and locker code.. And here is your timetable- she said, handing me two pieces of paper.

-thank you. Have a good day Ms Lara-

-thank you. You too Kylie-

Me and Rebekah walked out of the admin and I looked at my locker number.

-ok.. My locker number is... 23-

-Ooo! I know where that locker is. It's very close to mine! I'll bring you there come on!- she said pulling me.

-Oo ok thank you-

-you're welcome- we reached my locker and I opened it -ok. My locker is right there and if you need anything, you know where to find me- she said, pointing at a locker that was just 5 lockers away from mine.

I nodded and said -thank you-

I put my bag in my locker. -where's your tutor base?- she asked, looking at my timetable.

-SSO5- I told her.

-hey that's next to mine. I'm not in your tutor but I'm in your English, math and music class. Now, you have to go to tutor base and wait until 7:50. You have register for 10 minutes then you have science class. Come on, let's go to class- she said.

-Ok. Thank you so much-

-No need to thank me. You're first day in a new school has to be great right?-

I chuckled and said -That would be nice, thank you-

We walked together to tutor base and I went to SS05 while she goes to SS04.

-bye Kylie! Have a fun first day!-

-thanks Rebekah! You too-

-You can call me Beks-

-Will do. Bye Beks!-

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