Supernatural! L.H

Kylie Nichols isn't an ordinary person. She has something no one else does. Superpowers. But she realizes she's not the only one when she meets Luke Hemmings, a boy in her new school in Sydney. Will their powers bring them together or will they use it against each other?


3. Luke Hemmings

Today's my first day in school and I've already made some friends. People are really nice here.

It's lunch time now and I'm walking to my locker. Rebekah told me to meet her in the cafeteria. I reached my locker and opened it. Next to me was a tall blonde guy with blue eyes, a quiff and a lip piercing. He's cute. His locker was next to mine and he was also putting his stuff in. I put all my things inside my locker and took my phone out. I looked at his locker and I saw something moving by itself. Wowww.. What was that? I looked at his face with wide eyes and he looked at me with wide eyes as well.

-Forget what you just saw. Nothing happened- he said seriously, straight to my face. Was he trying to compel me? I just pretended that nothing happened, even though it knew exactly what happened. I've never met anyone else that has powers as well. There's a first. Thank god I can't be compelled.

I closed my locker and walked to the cafeteria.


Luke's POV


That was close. Phew.


Kylie's POV


I looked around the cafeteria and saw Rebekah telling me to go to her. I walked to her and sat next to her.

-Guys this is Kylie Nichols- she said to her friends.

-Kylie, this is Chloe Amelia- she said pointing to the girl across me.

-Heyo- she said.

-Hiii- I said while smiling.

-and this is Courtney Lawrence- Rebekah said, pointing to the girl across her.

-hey!- she said.

-hey!- I said waving at her.

-ok. Let's eat!- Chloe said.

-I'm gonna go get some food first k- I told them.

-k, we'll be here- Rebekah said.

I walked to the stack of trays and took one. I got food when the guy that tried to compel me stood next to me. The lunch lady put the food on my plate and I took some yogurt.

-Get the peach one or the lychee one. They're the best- he said.

-thanks, I'll get the lychee one-

-hey, I'm Luke. Luke Hemmings- he said while putting his hand out for me to shake it.

-hey Luke. I'm Kylie. Kylie Nichols- I said as I shook his hand.

-well it's nice to meet you Kylie-

-you too-

-ever realized we're wearing the exact same thing?- he asked, smiling.

I looked at his outfit then my outfit. -oh yeah. We are- I said, laughing -Isn't your locker next to mine?-

-yes, in fact it is-

-Weren't you the guy that tried to compel me?-

He widened his eyes and said -wha-what do you mean?- while stuttering.

'you're not the only one that can do that Luke' I thought, pointing at my forehead, telling him to read my mind.

-Oh. My. God-

-Mhm- I mumbled as I walked away.

-Ok. You're the only person in the whole world that knows about this and probably the only other person that can do the same thing as I do. Please please please promise me do not tell anyone-

-Same here and I promise- I said as I stopped walking.

-ok. Thank you. So, what can you do?- he asked me.

-I'll show you later. Probably after school- I said, continuing walking to the table. As I walked back to the table, he walked back to his table with his friends.


*after lunch*


Me, Rebekah, Chloe and Courtney walked out the cafeteria and to our lockers. As we were walking, I saw someone shoving somebody else to a locker. Lots of people were watching and telling the 'shover' guy to shove him even more. I took a look at it and saw the guy that kept on asking me for my number in science class. His name was Dan something. I hate that guy. He is so annoying. Such a jerk. Then I looked at the guy he was shoving and realized it was Luke. He saw me looking at him so I pointed at my forehead, so I could talk to him through our minds, and he nodded.

'Luke oh my god!'

'It's ok. I'm kinda used to it'

'No it's not ok! You shouldn't be used to it!'

'Its fine Kylie'

'NO. Do something!'

'What do you mean do something? Are you telling me to use my powers?!'






Then he looked away.


Luke's POV






Two years of keeping it a secret. It's time for people to know.


-I can't believe I'm going to this- I muttered under my breath.


-Do what huh Hemmings? You gonna hit me?- that Dan guy said, laughing.


-oh much worse than that- I smirked.


-Ooo I'm so scared. I better call my mom and tell her to pick me up Ooo- everyone laughed.


As he said that, I opened the door of a random class and took two chairs and threw it at him, using my powers.


-OOOWWW!!- he yelled as he fell to the floor -WHERE DID THOSE CHAIRS COME FROM?-


-the class- I said while standing up, picking him up from the floor and shoving him to a locker. I've gotten much stronger from moving heavier things but people don't know that.


The whole hallway got silent and everyone's eyes were on me.


-told ya it's much worse- I said while reading his mind -so you're scared huh? Now you do want to call your mom. Now you want someone to call the police. Right? That's right.- using my powers, I took a long rope from technology class and tied it around him. I added a little pink bow and stuck it on his head.


I let go of him and walked out of school, through a wall, you know, because I'm able to walk through anything.



Kylie's POV


Oh my god that was awesome! And did he just walk through a wall? That is SO cool! I can only turn invisible and run fast. Ugh. Jealous.



Rebekah's POV


Is this a dream? I pinched myself and realized it wasn't a dream. OH MY GOD DID LUKE HEMMINGS JUST DO THAT? I mean, like seriously. Who could ever thought that Luke Hemmings, one of the least popular guys at school and the school nerd, was actually the coolest guy on earth? And when you actually think of it, he's really hot. I mean, really. He has a lip piercing, bright blue eyes and I blonde quiff. That's hot. Butttt... He just moved something without even touching it! And he can walk through walls! HOW COOL IS THAT?!


-very cool- Kylie said. Everyone looked at me since no one said someone for a very long-ish amount if time.


-I was just asking myself how cool that was and you just answered it for me. Coincidence?-



Rebekah's POV


-I was meant to answer that question Beks. And I didn't know Luke Hemmings was one of the least popular guys in school? Now you think he's hot. - I giggled, leaving everybody's mouths opened -bye chicas- I said as I waved to them.


I sped to the front door, leaving everyone's mouths opened wider. I saw Luke walking outside the school so I sped to him.


-Hey- I said.


-Woow, hey. So. You run as fast as what?- he asked, shocked.


-the speed of light-


-that is so cool-


-not as cool as yours though-


He laughed and said -thank you-


-so, it's not technically after school but you said you'll show me what you can do- he said.


-oh ya- we were still walking and I looked back to see everyone, except for Dan, staring at us from inside.


I looked away and turned my hands invisible. Then my legs then my whole body.

-invisibility- I said.


-that is so awesome! Ugh. So cool. Next?-


I sped inside the school and looked around.


-which one of you guys are Luke's best friends?- I asked them. 3 boys raised their hand and walked to me.


-Hold my hand- I instructed them.


-ok...- they all said, holding my hand so they would come with me. I sped back to Luke and said -super speed-


-Woow.. hi guys- he said.


-OH MY GOD THAT WAS SO SICK MAN- Calum, I think, said, jumping from excitement.


-thank you- I said, sticking my tongue out.


-Like a vampire. NICE! Next?- Luke asked.


-Same as yours, compelling people- I said, looking at Luke's friends.


-Compel them to do something- Luke said.


I laughed and said -That's the reason why I brought them here. What are your names boys?-


-I'm Calum- the guy with black hair said.


-I'm Michael- the guy with bright red hair said.


-I'm Ashton- the guy with curly hair said.


-I'm Luke- Luke's said.


-And we're 5 Seconds of Summer- they all said at the same time.


-What?- I asked, confused.


-We're in a band called 5 Seconds of Summer- Michael said.


-That's awesome- I said, reading Michael's mind -Michael-


-Ya?- he asked.


-You wanna fuck me?- I asked, laughing.


His face turned red. Almost as red as his hair.


Calum, Ashton and Luke started laughing so hard.


-And cliffconda?! Omg where did you come up of this word?!- I said, laughing so hard.


-His exact words were 'Cliffconda, stay down. Ugh. I want to fuck her so bad'- Luke said, laughing even more.


-What? Did I say it out loud? I didn't say that- Michael protested.


-You thought it- me and Luke said in the same time, pointing at our foreheads.


-You can read minds as well?!- Michael asked.


-Yep- I said, popping the 'p'.


Michael sighed.


-let's pretend this conversation need happened- He said with his cheeks as red as his hair.


-ok- Ashton said, laughing.


-Calum- I said, looking at him.


-What are you gonna do to me?- he said, worriedly.


-It's ok Calum. I'm gonna compel you. It's gonna be cool- I said, calming him down.


-ok. Phew-


-Punch Dan in the face three times- I said, compelling him. He ran back inside and punched Dan in the face three times.


-OH MY GID THAT FELT SO GOOD!! Thanks Kylie!- he shouted, running back to me.


-anytime!- I shouted back to him -ok. Michael. Not the cliffconda, Michael- I said to Michael, making him blush even more. He put on a straight face and I continued.


-Kick Dan in his conda- I said, compelling him. He ran inside and kick Dan in the balls really hard, making him fall to the ground.


-Always wanted to do that!!- Michael shouted. I laughed at him and he ran back to me.


-I know that we will all be great friends- Ashton said, making me smile.


-Thanks. Ok. Ashton. Do anything you want to Dan- I said, compelling him. He ran inside and slapped him in the face.


-Sorry Dan but I just wanted you feel how everyone felt by you- Ashton said straight to his face.


As Ashton ran back out, I turned myself invisible and sped inside. I reappeared, picked him up and kicked him in the balls.


-that's for being such a jerk- I told him then sped back out.


-Well. That was fun- I said.


-So much fun- Michael said.


-Wait. Now, it's your turn to show us what you can do- I said, looking at Luke.


Luke's POV


-Wait. Now it's your turn to show us what you can do- Kylie said, looking at me.


-Okkkk... First.- I said while I took Dan and brought him to us (with magic) -moving things of any weight. Harder when it's heavy but much easier than you think- I untied the rope and took the bow off him, leaving him standing there, scared and in pain.


-Wooooowwww- they all said -that's awesome-


I moved someone's car, without ruining it or breaking it and said -thank you-


-Next, walking through anything. I can choose when I want to and other people can do it too when they hold my hand- I said while holding Calum's hand and walking through a car.


-Perfect cake moment. Ugh so precious- Michael said.


-Cake?- She asked.


-Calum and Luke-


-oh ok- she said nodding.


-That's so cool man. Why didn't you ever tell us but you told her?- Calum said in a sad voice.


-Well she found out herself and I didn't want anyone to know so nobody in the whole world knows. Even my family doesn't know. But now the whole school knows so probably my parents will find out anyway- I told him.


-me too. Ugh two years I kept this a secret. From every single person I know- Kylie told all of us.


-You also got it when you're 15?- I asked.


-Yep- she said popping the 'p'.


-That's cool. Ok. I can also read minds and compel people- I said, finishing myself.


-Let's get out of here. Let's go home before the police comes or something. We'll be all over the news before you know it- Kylie said. We all nodded and Calum suggested we should just do band practice. Then we all nodded again.


-Who's house are we going to?- she asked.


-Michael's- Ashton answered.


-Hey, cliffconda. What's your address?- she asked Michael, making him annoyed and telling her the address.


-ok. Come on, hold my hand- she said, making us do what she says -close your eyes- she warned us. We closed our eyes and she sped to Michael's house. 1 or two seconds later, we opened our eyes and saw that we were in front if Michael's house. Literally, like a second later.


-This your house?- she asked Michael.


-Mhm- he answered.


-it's so comfortable. I love it-


-aw thank you. Let's go down to the garage!- he said while going down the stairs.

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