Supernatural! L.H

Kylie Nichols isn't an ordinary person. She has something no one else does. Superpowers. But she realizes she's not the only one when she meets Luke Hemmings, a boy in her new school in Sydney. Will their powers bring them together or will they use it against each other?


1. Hello 👋

Kylie's POV

Hi! My name is Kylie Nichols. I'm 17 years old and I have superpowers. You might think 'huh?', but it's simple actually. I'm able to run as fast as the speed of light, become invisible, read people's minds and compel people.

Compelling people is to tell someone to do something without them realizing. Like if I tell them to forget something they would forget it immediately. So they have no memory of it when they turn back to normal. Or if I tell them to kill someone (never happened don't worry I'm still 17), they would do it even though they don't want to. Like it can't be stopped. They will kill the person no matter what they think or what other people think. I can't be compelled. Mostly because I'm the only person in the world (I think) to be able to do that.

Anyways... I just moved to Sydney on Friday and it's already Sunday night. I was born here but I had to move to Brisbane when I was 5 months old. Tomorrow is my first day of school in Sydney and I'm going to a school called Norwest Christian college. Apparently it's a very good school with lots of nice people. Yay!

I have an older sister named Kacey. She's 20 and is currently in university in Los Angeles. My parents are rarely home. They always go on business trips. They only spend time at home for like one week in every month. So that's not a lot of time to spend with your parents. They started going when I was 15, which was when I got my powers. At that time, my sister already moved to LA because she moved a year early. So I was practically living alone. I had to learn how to control my powers myself. I would go into the woods, next to a waterfall, and do some stuff. I usually go every Saturday night. Now, I live alone for most times of the year and I've gotten used to using my powers at home. No one knows about my powers. Not even my parents. I'm not even gonna risk telling them.

But now, my parents are home because we had to move to Sydney but they will be going again shortly.

Luke's POV

Hi! My name is Luke Hemmings. I am 17 years old and I have what some people call "superpowers". I don't call them 'super'powers but I'd say weird abilities. I'm able to move things of any weight, harder when it's heavy but easier than you think, walk through any objects when I want to, read people's minds and compel people. You probably already know what compel means. I got my abilities when I was 15 so I had to learn how to control it myself. I used to go to the woods every Friday night and use them. This is because no one in the world knows about my abilities. And when I say no one, I mean no one. Literally. Even my parents.

I live in Sydney and I've lived here my whole life. I was born here and raised here. I go to a school called Norwest Christian College and my best mates are Calum, Michael and Ashton. I have two brothers, both married, my dad is rarely home and my mom recently got a job where she has to travel a lot so... Ya. I had to keep my secret from all these people. It's been two years now and they still don't know. I'm just gonna keep it like that.

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