Supernatural! L.H

Kylie Nichols isn't an ordinary person. She has something no one else does. Superpowers. But she realizes she's not the only one when she meets Luke Hemmings, a boy in her new school in Sydney. Will their powers bring them together or will they use it against each other?


5. Football 🏈


'Together' we thought.

He took my hand and I took his. We sped back home and ran through a bunch of things.

We arrived in front of Michael's house and we went inside through the wall. That was fun.

-it definitely was- Luke said, reading my mind.

I smiled at him and saw Michael, Ashton and Calum.

-hey guys- I said.

-hey- they all said

-was it fun?!- Calum continued.

-ya. So nice to use it outside. Even though I used it this morning- I said.

-you wanna join us?!- Luke asked happily.

-YES PLEASE- they all screamed.


-You wanna play American football?- Calum suggested.

-I'm up for it- I said.

-me too- Ashton said.

-me too- Michael said.

-me too- Luke said.

-YES- Calum said.

-I'm changing my shoes- I said.

-hurry up!- Ashton said.

-I'll be back here in 5 seconds- I said, speeding to my house, getting my converse and speeding back to Michael's house.

-that was actually 5 seconds- Ashton said.

-Told ya-

We went outside and I sped to the park.

-HEY WE CANT DO THAT- Ashton shouted.


By now everyone was staring at them. I laughed and sped back to them invisible (hihi), took their hands and sped back to the park.

-Holy shit- Calum swore, obviously shocked. It's like the feeling when a ghost touches you and pulls you to death. But for them, instead of a ghost, it's an invisible girl and instead of death, it's the park.

We arrived at the park and picked our groups.

-DIBS CALUM- Luke shouted.

-TEAM CAKE- Calum shouted back.

-K then. I guess I'm with Michael and Ashton!- I said.

-Yeah we get the girl that can run fast!- Michael said.

-Wait wait wait a minute. We need to set up some ground rules. You guys can't use your powers- Calum said.

-WHAT?! Can't we at least use one of them?!- I shouted.

-YA. This is the whole point of playing outside! We wanna use them in public!- Luke protested.

-Fine fine. But only one- Calum replied.

Me and Luke high fived each other and I walked to Michael and Ashton while he walked to Calum. We started the game and played for about an hour. Enough exercise already.

-No not yet! This is so fun! You're the one winning you should be happy- Luke said as he read my mind.

-That's true- I replied.

-hey are we gonna continue playing or are you two gonna keep on chit chatting?- Calum said.

-We're coming we're coming!- Luke shouted while we walked towards him -Wait I have to go to the bathroom!-

-HURRY UP- Michael screamed.

-YA YA- Luke screamed as he walked back home.

Luke's POV

I was walking back home to go to the bathroom. It took so long. So much easier when you can run fast. I was few minutes away from home and I really needed to go to the bathroom when some random girl stood in front of me and starting screaming.

-OMG OH MY GOD YOURE LUKE HEMMINGS!!- she screamed while pointing at me. So I stopped walking.

-ummm yesss... Do I know you?- I asked.

-Oh I'm Nicole and I'm a huge fan!-

-Oh really? I didn't know I had fans. That's so sweet-

-Well I'm a huge fan! I ship you and Kylie together! You guys are my otp!- ugh those kind of girls.

-o-oh no. Me and Kylie aren't together. We're just friends. We only met few hours ago- how did she think me and Kylie were a couple?

-What? Aw. Ok. But you two would look perfect together. Seriously-

-Um, thank you?-

-your welcome. Can I please have a picture?-

-Oh ya sure-

She took her phone out and we took a selfie.

-Thank you so much!-

-My pleasure-

-Luke!- someone screamed from behind. I looked back at saw Michael running towards us.

-Hi mikey-

-Hey and hey to this pretty girl-

-Hey, I'm Nicole-

-Hey Nicole-

-Dude, what were you gonna say?- I asked him.

-Oh right. We're gonna continue band practice-

-Oh ok-

-You're in a band?!- she asked.

-yeah. We're called 5 seconds of summer- Michael told her.

-that is so cool! How did you come up with the name?-

-um our class is SS05 so it's kinda like 5SOS. And Michael here just thought of something random that stood for 5SOS- I explained.

-Ohh.. Ok. Who's in it?-

-K what's all this fuss about?- a girl from behind said. I looked back and saw Kylie between Calum and Ashton, holding their hands.

-me, him, him and him- I said as I pointed to Michael then Calum then Ashton.

-OH MY GOD YOURE KYLIE NICHOLS- she shouted while covering her mouth.

-Umm yessss...-

-I'm a HUGE fan of both of you!-

-Aw thank you. I didn't know we had fans-

-Not to make this weird and awkward or anything but you two should definitely date-

-Oh ya it's definitely weird and awkward- Kylie said.

-Yup- I said, agreeing with her.

-we're just friends...- she said.

-that's what I said-

-but you definitely should. Anyways, I gotta go. Can I have a picture with you too please?- she asked Kylie.

-oh ya sure!-

They took a selfie and she thanked her and walked away.

-now I really really need to pee- I said as I walked away quickly.

I reached Michael's house because we were having band practice there and I didn't bother using the door. I ran in and went straight to the toilet. Then I thought about what that girl said. 'I ship you and Kylie together! You guys are my otp!' 'You two would look perfect together. Seriously'. Those words kept on running through my head. This was when I finally realized my true feelings for her. First of all, she's sweet, she's fun, she's nice, she's gorgeous. Who wouldn't like her? And second of all, she has powers as well. She was the first person I ever met that had them, she was the first person I told about them and she was the one who convinced me to step up to that stupid Dan guy. Plus, I completely trust her. I thought about that while I peed. Ugh what's happening to me.

As I finished, I walked to the living room and saw them all lying down on the sofa.

-hey- I said.

-hey- they all replied.

-So band practice?- I asked.

-Yep- they said as they stood up.

-what song should we play now?- Ashton asked.

-Lets play unpredictable- I suggested.

-Oh ya. We haven't played that in a while- Calum said.

-Ooo who's it by?- Kylie asked.

-Us- Michael answered.

-Cool. Lets listen to it!-

She sits at home with the lights out

Seeing life in different colours

I think it’s time that we wake up

So let me take you away

We can run down the street

With the stars in our eyes

We can tear down this town

In the dark of the night

Just open the door

We’ve got time on our side

We can make it out alive

Hey we’re taking on the world

I’ll take you where you wanna go

Pick you up if you fall to pieces

Let me be the one to save you

Break the plans we had before

Let’s be unpredictable

Pick you up if you fall to pieces

Let me be the one to save you

It took so long to convince you

I knew I had to show my colours

You never wanted to be rescued

But now we’re drifting away

We can run down the street

With the stars in our eyes

We can tear down this town

In the dark of the night

Just open the door

We’ve got time on our side

We can make it out alive

Hey we’re taking on the world

I’ll take you where you wanna go

Pick you up if you fall to pieces

Let me be the one to save you

Break the plans we had before

Let’s be unpredictable

Pick you up if you fall to pieces

Let me be the one to save you

Earthquakes won’t wait for another day

Don’t say I know I never said it

I never said it, oh

One day we can make it out alive

Hey we’re taking on the world

I’ll take you where you wanna go

Pick you up if you fall to pieces

Let me be the one to save you

Break the plans we had before

Let’s be unpredictable

Pick you up if you fall to pieces

Let me be the one to save you

So let go!

Till’ we've lost control

And we’ll stumble through it all

Let’s do something new and unpredictable

Kylie's POV

Let's do something new and unpredictable

They sang. I stopped the video, put my phone down, stood up and clapped really loudly.

-That was INCREDIBLE- I said.

-Aw thank you- they said. Then a flash of lights started to appear on the window. The fuck? Are those paparazzis?

Luke saw them and went to the door to open it.

-Um can we help you?- he asked as he poked his head out the door.

The paparazzis rushed to him and took pictures.

-Luke Hemmings, is it true that you are in a band?- a lady holding a microphone asked.

-Umm... Yes...-

-there you go folks. It IS true. Luke Hemmings is in a band- she said looking at the camera.

-This is live by the way. What is the name of your band?- she asked, now facing Luke.

-Um 5 seconds of Summer-

I took my phone out and posted the video in YouTube. I sped to him and said

-Luke. I posted the video on YouTube already k-

He looked at me and nodded.

-Oh! Kylie Nichols! You are here too! Perfect. What video did you post?- she asked me.

-Oh their song they sang just now- I replied.

-You guys write your own songs?-

-Oh ya we write a lot of them- he said.

At the same time, Calum, Ashton and Michael came over.

-Hey- they said.

-oh this must be your band mates!- the lady said.

-Yes it is. This is Calum Hood, Ashton Irwin and Michael Clifford.-

-well it's nice to meet you! Just a quick reminder, you are on tv right now. This is live-

-that's awesome!- they said together.

-yes yes it is. May I ask what is the name of the video?- she asked.

-oh ya sure. It's called '5 seconds of summer, unpredictable'- I Answered.

-ok. Thank you! Alright folks. Here we have Luke Hemmings, Kylie Nichols, Calum Hood, Ashton Irwin and Michael Clifford. Thanks for watching E! news live-

They put down the cameras and thanked us. They left and we went back inside.

-well- Ashton said, not continuing his sentence.

Luke turned on the tv and it instantly appeared in E! News. We saw them singing unpredictable on the screen.

-Holy shit- the guys said at the same time.

-Wow you all said it at the same time- I said.

-Mhm- they said at the same time again, not taking their eyes off the screen.

I looked at Twitter and gotten so many notifications. How did the people get my twitter?

I looked through my notifications and it was mainly nice things. There was some hate but they don't get to me. Some of them were like 'she's just trying to get attention. Bitch'. It's a good thing hate doesn't get to me. I followed some people, mainly famous people. Then 6 of them caught my eye.

-OMG- I shouted.

-WHAT- they all shouted.


-WHAT- they shouted.

-THATS SO COOL!- Calum shouted as they took their phones out.

-OMG- Luke shouted.

-WHAT- we screamed.

-THEY FOLLOWED ME TOO- he screamed.

-HIGH FIVE- I screamed as I put my hand out for him to high five.

-OMG- Calum, Michael and Ashton screamed.

-WHAT- me and Luke screamed.

-THEY FOLLOWED US TOO- they shouted.


-AW YEAH!- Michael shouted. With that, we started dancing crazily and jumped into Michael's pool. We didn't even change. Me and Luke used our powers so we made an even bigger mess. I find it so cool that Luke can breath underwater because he can turn into like a hologram that can go through walls and other objects. So if someone tries to stab him, they can't unless he doesn't use his powers. But then after he gets stabbed, he'll probably use them and the thing he got stabbed by will fall to the ground and he'll just be bleeding and in pain.

But don't worry that won't happen. Hopefully. I can't breath underwater but when I speed underwater, I can't feel anything because I'm going so fast.

We were playing in the pool for like an hour. Longer than we thought. We got out of the pool, dried ourselves and the guys wore Michael's clothes while I sped home and changed into my clothes. Thank god I live alone. I sped back to Michael's house and we watched This Means War.

-THIS MEANS WAR- I shouted.

-So quick!- Ashton said. I looked at him with a blank face and he nodded while saying -Oh ya-

We watched this means war then we went back home.

-Kylie- Calum said as he yawned. He's probably gonna ask me if I can bring him home quicker.

-hand- I said. He put his right hand on my left hand and he told me where his house was. I sped to his house and he thanked me as we reach.

-It's literally like teleporting. But you a path- he said. I nodded my head and sped back to Michael's house.

-Kylie- Ashton said as he yawned. Here we go again.

-Hand. Luke you wanna go too? It's easier if We do it at the same time. I don't have to go back and forth- I said while putting my hands out for both of them.

Luke thought 'thank you' and I thought 'my pleasure'. They both held my hands and I said

-Bye Cliffconda- to him. He put on an a straight face and said bye back. Ashton told me his address and I sped there. I dropped him off and I sped to Luke's house, which was on the same street as mine.

-Oh shit- he said.

-What?- I asked.

-I just remembered my parents are here-

-oh shit me too. Are yours not normally here?-

-No. They always go on business trips. My brothers are both married and have their own family so I live alone. I love it-

-Same. My sisters in university and my parents always go on business trips too. So I also live alone but since I just moved, my parents are here as well-

-But now my parents are here-

-I know. Good Luck. I'll see you tomorrow! Bye- I said as I waved at him and sped home.

-You too!- he shouted back.

Luke's POV

I sighed and opened the door. Not sure why I used the door though. It was about 11 o'clock at night and I was really sleepy. I walked in the door and no one was there. I closed the door and my parents came rushing into the living room.

-Luke! Are you ok? Are you hurt? How come you never told us?- mom asked worriedly.

-Mom I'm ok I'm ok- I replied, calming her down.

-How come you never told us? After two years?- dad asked.

-well you're never home and I got it when you started going, on my birthday-

-But we're you're parents- mom said.

-I know. But you're never with me so I just kept it a secret. And you're going to go again in like two days- I replied.

-Well we're really sorry Lucas- they said.

-Luke- I corrected.

-When did you started calling yourself that?- dad asked.

-two years ago- I said. They nodded.

-Well I'm going to sleep now cause I'm SO tired-

-Us too. Goodnight Luke. Remember, we love you- mom said.

I froze, looked back and said -I love you too-

They smiled and walked to their bedroom as I walked through the wall to my bedroom.

Kylie's POV

-Kylie! Is that you?!- Mom asked while she and dad walked into the living room with their 'extremely worried' look.

-yes it is mom- I said.

-Oh thank god!- she said.

-we saw the news. How come you never told us?- dad asked.

-I didn't want to. And you're on business trips anyways. So if I did tell you, it wouldn't matter and you'll probably just use me like a servant and for the fame- I explained.

-Oh really? So if I told the whole world that I didn't know you and pretend that I don't have my powers you'd be fine with it?-

They looked at me like they didn't know what to say.

I sped to them and compelled them.

-go to sleep and go back to your business trip tomorrow. Come back in two month. Exact-

They walked into their bedroom and slept while I sped to my room.

I lay in bed thinking about Luke. I don't know why but I am. It's kinda weird. Why am I suddenly thinking about his lips? Now his eyes? Huh? Why am I thinking about this? But his eyes. They're so blue 😍. They're like the colour of the ocean... So dreamyy.And his lips don't even get me started. He has such a cute face. Wait. What am I saying? I don't like him. I don't. Ok I kinda do. But just a bit. I have to be careful. I can't think this. He'll probably read my mind and then he'll find out. What am I gonna do... And I have school tomorrow. I don't care if me and Luke made a scene but it's still school. We should still go. I closed my eyes and fell asleep.

Luke's POV

I woke up at 6:30 by my alarm clock. Ugh I have school. What? I still have to go! It's still school. I don't care if I made a scene but it's school. You can't just stop going right?

I got out of bed and walked to the bathroom. From now on I'll probably stop using doors. Hm.. And probably start using my magic for everything. Like picking up stuff and moving stuff. Just a little reminder. From now on, I will be using my powers for everything like going to a room, moving something or picking something up. I applied toothpaste on my toothbrush and brushed my teeth. Then, I showered, changed and went downstairs, through the floor. I landed in the living room because my room was right on top of the living room. Perfection. I made toast while sitting on the couch and brought it to me for me to eat it. I shouted bye to my parents and I left for school.

Right when I got out of my house, Kylie got out of her's. She saw me and sped to me.

-Hey- I said.

-Hey- she said -lets go the fast way- and put her hand out for me to hold. I held her hand and we sped into the school, through the wall.

-YEAH- we shouted and high fived each other. Everyone were either screaming, super excited or staring at us with their mouths wide open.

-Bye- she said as she waved at me and sped to her locker.

I laughed and walked to my locker while going through the people. Some people were screaming and I laughed it off and said a simple sorry.

-Dude dude dude dude!!- Calum said while running up to me.

-What what what what?- I said.

-Guess what?!-

-What?- I said while laughing a bit.


-HIII- I shouted at him.

We laughed it off and Kylie came speeding the the middle of us.

-OMG KYLIE- Rebekah came shouting.

-NO- she shouted back.


-You're too clingy I don't like you-


-You're famous now! I thought we were friends?-

-No we're not Rebekah. You're an annoying bitch. Don't get me in a bad mood I'll probably scare you to death. You know I can do that- Kylie said to her as everyone was staring at them.

She scoffed and walked away with Chloe and Courtney behind her.

-BURRRNNNNN- Michael shouted.

-My god! I did not know you were there!- I shouted, obviously shocked. Ashton was standing next to him.

-that was awesome Kylie! Rebekah was always the schools bitch!- Ashton said.

-she is a bitch- she replied and high fives him -Lets go to class- she sped to class, leaving all four of us in front of my locker.

-Like she said, LETS GO TO CLASS- I said as I ran to class. I ran straight through the wall while doing a backflip.

I landed on the table and stood up. I went back down and Kylie and some other people cheered. I smiled and laughed and sat on the chair next to her. Then Calum, Michael and Ashton came running into the classroom.

-Dude look! I got it on video!- Ashton said while showing me his phone.

-Got what on video?- I asked.

-You doing the backflip through the wall!- Calum shouted.

-Ah Ashton and his videos- Kylie said.

-I posted it on YouTube already- he said.

-That was quick. Can I see it?- I asked.

-here- he said, handing me his phone.

-Wow that's cool!- I said.

-Dude isn't your birthday in like two days?- Michael asked.

-What day is it today?- I asked.

-July 14th- Ashton answered.

-Then yes- I said.

-Hey my birthday's only a day after your's!- Kylie said.

-That's so cool!- I said while high fiving her.

Then the teacher came in and she congratulated me and Kylie for our powers and fame and Calum, Ashton and Michael for their fame too.

Then we started the class and it was mainly me and Luke using our powers. Best. Class. Ever.

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