I have recently moved from New York to California with my best friend Heather. When we got lost to the hotel we were staying in until the apartment was emptied we 'ran into' Cameron Dallas and Nash Grier. We came close friends, but things changed and now it's confusing.


1. Lost & Characters

Kaylee's POV

  I finished packing my bags for the trip on the plane. Now, my room is empty except for the dresser and bed and desk. I took my phone out and went on kik to text Heather.

Yass.its.Kaylee: Hey girlie! :)

HeatherBae: Hey girl! How are you?! Excited?!

Yass.its.Kaylee: Yezzz! When's the flight again?! I can't wait to finally meet you!

HeatherBae: It's supposed to be at noon in New York and mine is at 11 in Florida! I can't wait to see you too!

I checked the time, it was a few hour's 'til noon. Plenty of time.

Yass.its.Kaylee: Ok! I will head to the airport to be on time for the flight. Have a safe trip and talk to you in a few hours?

HeatherBae: Sure!

With that, I left to the airport to go to California. At last, I finally get to meet Heather. We have been internet friends and we decided it would be great to meet each other and live together in Cali. I've seen her pictures and video chat with her, but this would be different. You actually can meet an internet friend! We have been friends since we were both 15 and now we are 18. Her birthday is the same month as me. I'm a few day's younger than her. July 15th is my birthday and hers is July 10th. 

I looked back at the house I lived at with my family. I had already said bye to them and I told them I would visit them. The person I'm going to miss most is my younger brother, Ethan. He was really the only one, other than Heather, that understood me and actually listen to me. Of course I'll miss everyone, but I never been separated this far apart from him. Thousands of miles away. I blinked back the tears as the taxi rode to the airport.

*after the flight*

I looked around and looked for Heather. After a few minutes I was about to give up then I saw her light brown hair. I walked to her and tapped her shoulder. She turned around.

"Ahhh! Kaylee!!!!" she squeled. I squeled back and gave her a hug. We talked while we walked to the bus with our luggage. The apartment building has the rest  of our bags. My older brother lives at the building and he knows they are there. But, we didn't wanna stay at his place so we rented a room at a hotel for a few nights so they can finish the apartment.

*30 min later*

"Last stop!" the bus driver called. I looked out. Hollywood. Huh. The hotel isn't here. I walked up to him. "Excuse me. But there must be a mistake. Our hotel isn't here, it's northern more." I said. He shrugged. "Nothing I can do. Now, off the bus." he replied rudely. Me and Heather scoffed and walked off the bus. Great. Stranded in L.A. and have no clue where we are. Worst part, I don't remember my brother's number and my phone died. Ugh.



Selena Gomez as Kaylee Cotelli

Ariana Grande as Heather Woodly

Cameron Dallas as himself

Nash Grier as himself


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