"Have you ever.. kissed anyone?" I asked "I never kissed anyone before." She said looking down "And I bet you never had a boyfriend nor girlfriend" I answered trapping her as I leaned in a little "I'm straight!" "I don't care." and our lips connected.


2. What a game of Truth Or Dare.

 Delilah's Pov:


  We were now at home and my mother, she doesn't like mom making me use the full word. Anyways she told me to get ready and that we leave in and hour. I took a shower and all those things and straightened my naturally wavy hair. I put on a polka dotted dress and blue flats.


  "Delilah hurry up! We're going to be late!" my mother screamed I knew better then to yell back to her so I just kept quiet making sure I had my phone and hurried down the stairs.


  "What are you wearing?!" she screamed at me when I got to the front door


  "Clothes.'' I answered


  ''Why aren't you wearing the outfit I picked out for you!?' she was now screaming at me


  "Because it wasn't me, it was you." I said being honest which was a wrong move cause she raised her hand like she was going to slap me. I shut my eyes ready for her hand to connected with my face but it never came. My eyes opened and saw my dad holding my mother's still raised hand


  "You will NOT lay a hand on my daughter, do you hear me?" he said loudly I think the whole neighborhood could hear him


  "She's my child too John and she needs to learn to listen to her mother. What kind of parent would I be to not teach her manners?"


  ''Hitting her will not teach her manners so I suggest you never try to do it again, and if you do I promise you I will sign divorce papers and take custody over Delilah!" my mother just stood there taken aback


  "You wouldn't dare." she finally answered "Try me" and he walked out the door grabbing my hand and taking me along with him. I got in the car and so did he, we waited about a minute or so and my mother finally got in the front seat and we drove off.

~At the Lawrence House~ (still Delilah's Pov:)

  When we got to the house I just stared at it, It's huge! I thought to myself. My parents walked up to the door me following behind with my head hung low as my dad pushed the doorbell. A middle aged man and lady answered the door with a big smile on their faces.


  "This is our daughter Samantha." a ladies voice said it couldn't be the same Samantha at school I thought still not looking up.


  "This is our daughter Delilah." my dad said pulling me not too hard in front of him and I finally looked up. I swear my eyes popped out of my head


  "Samantha?!" I screamed looking at her


  "Well it seems like you too know each other?" the man said I just nodded then it went silent


  "Well come in, come in, make yourselves at home while I get the table ready." the lady who I now know is Mrs. Lawrence told us.


  "Mind if I help?" my mother asked. She's never the one to help people why now? Maybe trying to make a good impression. They both went into the kitchen and it was just our two dad's, Sam, and I.


   "Why don't you girls you upstairs to Sam's room and we'll call you when dinner's ready yeah?" Mr. Lawrence said


  "Okay." Sam and I answered as we walked upstairs.


  Samantha's Pov:



      I took Delilah to my room and closed the door


  "So what do you want to do now?'' she asked sitting on my bed and I laid down next to her I thought for a few minutes until I finally god an idea


  "I have a pack of Truth or Dare gum I haven't opened yet how about we play that?"


  "Sure sounds fun." so I got up and took out the pack. I had a hard time opening it, I tried with my hands, nails, and my mouth. Delilah laughed and told me to give the gum to her so I did. She bit on the same side I did but she was able to get it open, hey it's like we just kissed


  "You do know that was like we just kissed right?" she looked at me confused while taking off the rest of the wrapper


  "I bit on the side with my mouth and then you bit on the same side with your mouth so technically we just kissed." I explained to her adding a wink.


  "That's true." she said chuckling taking out a piece on gum.


  "What'd you get?" I asked curious "Dare." I made a hand gesture telling her to continue


   "Take off a piece clothing of your choice." She answered I looked at her outfit. She didn't have much on to be honest she had on a polka dot dress, blue flats, earrings, and a small pouch like purse with her. She hesitated for a minute but she then took off her dress which left her in her underwear and bra. I couldn't help but stair she had a gorgeous body and she was fit. I bit my lip as she tried to cover herself but I gabbed her hand told her


  "Don't cover yourself you're beautiful." She looked down


  "Thank you, no one's ever told me that before." she said I as shocked. How can someone never tell her that?


  "They just jelly because they don't have a body like yours, you could be a super model and their just piece of haters who are jealous of your looks. Don't let anyone tell you other wise." I told her being honest.


  "Thank you very much." she replied blushing


  "Okay lets get back to the game. My  turn!" I replied taking out a piece of gum showing it to Cherry.


  "Dare: Do something you want do real bad." she read off I thought about the Dare and I knew what I was going to do.


  "Come here." I told her patting my lap she looked at me funny


  "Um why?" she asked I sighed and pulled her into my lap but not too hard. Her legs were on both my sides


  "What are you doing?"


  "I'm doing my dare." I told her leaning in as my lips brushed against hers but my mom just had to ruin the moment by screamed for us saying dinner is ready. Cherry got off me as I cleared my throat. I started walking to the door


  "I'll tell them you're using the bathroom, just come down when you're ready." I told her walking down the stairs. What a game of Truth Or Dare.

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