"Have you ever.. kissed anyone?" I asked "I never kissed anyone before." She said looking down "And I bet you never had a boyfriend nor girlfriend" I answered trapping her as I leaned in a little "I'm straight!" "I don't care." and our lips connected.


7. Sorry's not Good Enough


  A/N: This chapter is dedicated to http://www.movellas.com/user/cathrien9 for reading this story and being patient with my slow ass updates so THANK YOU Cathrien! Stay beautiful lovely <3 On with the story!!


   Samantha's Pov:


  All day all i could think of was Delilah i even zoned out on Xavier God knows how many times. We were currently sitting at our lunch table in the far back next to the kitchen thing when someone sat next to me snaking their arm around my waist causing me to squeal which caused the person laugh.


  "That was cute." Delilah.


  "Can you please let go of me?" I asked politely


  "Eh, I'm kind of comfortable." Delilah responded moving a little to close for my liking


  "Listen, I may be staying with you for awhile until my parents come back but that doesn't mean you can go around touching me and showing up everywhere! I'm trying to be nice but you're making it really difficult considering I'm not even gay and you kissed me, not once, not twice, but three times! I may have to deal with you for 4-5 months but I will not let you keep touching me and I will not not do anything about it (Sorries if that part is confusing) So just stop it and leave me the hell alone would ya!" I blew out a big breath i didn't even realize i was holding in and looked at my food.

  It was silent...too silent. Looking up i glanced around the cafe to notice everyone looking at me, great! Note the sarcasm. I took a glimpse at Delilah, she had her head hung low hair covering the left side of her face making it harder for me to take a look at her expression and her grip on me was no more. Maybe I was a little to harsh, I mentally slapped myself multiple times. 

  Delilah got up making her way to the door, letting a sigh escape I took off after her. She was walking way to fast for my liking with her long tan- not the time Sam, not the time. After about  5 minutes of calling her name and running after her she came to a stop in front of her locker.


  "Delilah, I'm sorry I didn't mean what I said back there..." I tried to reason with her but it's like I'm talking to a brick wall "Come on you know you cant stay mad at me forever we're spending 5 months at most together...in the same house."


  "You meant what you said, I know it, you know it, the whole cafe knows it so please I'm trying to fulfill your wishes, and as for tonight you got the whole house to yourself. About the kisses and me being touchy with you, you wont have to worry about that anymore either. " and with that she walked away most likely to skip the rest of school.


 ~Delilah's Pov:


  Yeah I might be overreacting but what she said hurt she basically rejected me. Imagine being in my shoes and Samantha being your crush... yeah sorry's not good enough right now. 

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