"Have you ever.. kissed anyone?" I asked "I never kissed anyone before." She said looking down "And I bet you never had a boyfriend nor girlfriend" I answered trapping her as I leaned in a little "I'm straight!" "I don't care." and our lips connected.


4. I'm straight, right?


 Sammie's Pov:


   I rode my penny board to the park and sat down on a swing my board in between my legs. How could my parents just leave like this, so unexpectedly? I mean I'm not complaining about staying with Delilah for more then 3 months but I'm going to miss my parents they've never been away for that long before and it scares me. What if something happens and they don't make it back alive? No Samantha don't you dare think like that!


  They are going to come back home safely and go on their trip safe and sound. I sighed heavily as it started to rain. Great, now I'm not only going to get wet but also sick because the park is like a mile from my house. I got on my board and started back home. It was kind of hard because the dress was getting stuck to my legs and it was just a huge mess.


  "Oh my god Sammie! We were all so worried you weren't going to come home!" my dad said pulling me into a bone crushing hug


  "Dad im fine aren't I? I came back safely like I always do but thank you for caring Cakey." I replied calling him by the nickname I gave him when I was smaller.


  "Well you should probably go change out of those wet clothes, don't want ya getting sick." Mr. Santiago's told me smiling. I nodded shivering


  "Right, im going to go do that." and I went up the stairs one by one and I could hear the grownups talking but where was Delilah? I shook the thought out of my head and went straight to my room and to my surprise Delilah was standing there with her back to me. She looked like she was on her phone but she didn't notice me yet so I walked up to her and wrapped my arms around her small waist and she jumped a little causing me to chuckle.


  "Sorry didn't mean to scare you." I told her resting my chin on her shoulder


  "W-what are you doing?"


  "What now I cant hug my new friend?" I said turning us around so her back was facing the door. I took a step closer and she took one backwards. This went on until her back hit the wall.


  "You're trapped darling." I smirked at her I leaned in and our lips touched. I could tell she was shocked so I bit her bottom lip and then pulled away. I gave her one last peck and took out a pair of PJ's walking to the bathroom changing and we both went downstairs to say bye to our parents.


 Delilah's Pov:


  This is going to be a long 4-5 months I thought to myself. I tried watching T.V to get my mind off that kiss but I couldn't. I'm straight, right?

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