"Have you ever.. kissed anyone?" I asked "I never kissed anyone before." She said looking down "And I bet you never had a boyfriend nor girlfriend" I answered trapping her as I leaned in a little "I'm straight!" "I don't care." and our lips connected.


3. How could you?

Delilah's Pov:


  What the hell just happened? She was about to kiss  you dumbass A voice in my head said. Why didn't I stop her or say im not into girls? I sighed frustrated with my thoughts and went downstairs. As soon as I entered the kitchen everybody got quiet and looked at me.


  "Well look who decided to join." Mrs. Lawrence announced


  "Yeah sorry, I was in the bathroom and stuff." I replied


  "Well come on have a seat next to Sammie and dig in darling!" she seems so nice and fun unlike my mother who is strict and wants me to be a lady. I took my seat next to Sam and put some food on my plate but only a small portion. I wasn't hungry but I didn't want to seem rude by just sitting there not eating. Mother always told me I was fat and that I needed to lose some weight if I want to become a model like she was when she was in high school, but then she quit for some reason. I took a small spoon full of the food and let me tell you it tasted like food heaven!


  "Mrs. Lawrence this food is absolutely amazing!" I told her as she smiled


  "Why thank you darling. And please call me Marie Mrs. Lawrence makes me feel old!" I laughed a little and went back to eating while everyone else made small talk. Every now and then I would catch Sam looking at me and then she would look away when I saw her looking.


 Sammie's Pov:

Every once in a while I would take a small glance at Delilah and when she caught me I would look away quickly. Why am I acting like this around a girl? She's not just any girl! A voice said That's right, she's not just any girl she's Delilah the girl I really like and I know this crush aint going away. My train of thoughts were interrupted when someone kicked my leg under the table.


  I looked up from my food and saw my mom looking directly at me giving me the look.


   "Samantha baby, Mr. Santiago asked you a question." she told me I looked at Mr. Santiago


  "I'm sorry Mr. Santiago I zoned out for a minute there. Can you repeat your question please?" I asked him trying to be polite


  "No, no its fine honey we all have those moments. I asked you if you and Delilah can stay together for about 4-5 months. Your parents and us have to go on a big business trip at 9:00." I just looked at them like I just saw aliens


  "Mom, Dad how can you not tell me you guys are leaving?! TONGIHT!" I screamed at them


  "Especially you dad! I thought we told each other everything." everyone stood quiet I sighed angrily and looked back at Mr. Santiago


  "Mr. Santiago to answer your question I don't mind staying with Delilah she's nice company. Excuse me." I told them getting up from my seat grabbing my penny board next to the door and looking at my parents once more.


   "How could you?" and I left out the door with them screaming my name.


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