"Have you ever.. kissed anyone?" I asked "I never kissed anyone before." She said looking down "And I bet you never had a boyfriend nor girlfriend" I answered trapping her as I leaned in a little "I'm straight!" "I don't care." and our lips connected.


6. Disgusting


 Delihas Pov: 


   It was only the 2nd day since our parents left for their trip thing and right now i was getting ready for school.{Insert groan here} I got up off the really comfortable bed scratching the beehive on my head. Picking up my phone checking notifications replying to some messages putting it on the bathroom sink as it played 'Stitches' by the one and only Shawn Mendes. Stripping out of my pj's i jumped in the shower singing along with Shawn's beautiful voice. 


  'Got a feeling that im going under

  But i know that i'll make it out alive

  If i quit calling you my lover 

          Move on

  You watch me bleed until i cant breath

  I'm shaking, falling onto my knees 

  And now that oi'm without your kisses 

  I'll be needing stitches-'


  I sang through out the whole song and another song came on as soon as i got out wrapping a towel around my body and walking out the bathroom. Humming along to 'Jealous' by Nick Jonas i scrolled through twitter when i bumped into a soft chest stumbling back a little. 



 "I'm so sorry, i wasnt looking where i was going and i bumped into you- God why am i so stupid--"  i was cut off by a pair of lips. She pulled away putting her forehead on mine 


  "You talk to much." she chuckled and walked downstairs i glanced in the direction she went in time to catch her smirking as she threw a wink in my direction. Sighing i walked the rest of the way to my room..it feels weird saying my room when i'm staying at someone else's house. Reaching into my dufflebag i took out a over sized sweater that had designs around the chest area and the muscle area, a black leather high waisted skirt, a black beanie, smiley face earring, a flower necklace, my big like the big puppy bog eyes glasses, my pinkish converses, and my black studded book ba g. Happy with my look i walked more like jogged downstairs to be greeted by a tired looking Sam. 


   "Good morning." I said to her making myself a bowl of honey nut cheerios. I felt eyes burning into my back knowing that it was Sam eyeing me. Turning around i find her checking me out (Like looking at me up and down but i bet y'all knew that cause you guys arent stupid :P) I take a seat in front of her trying to keep some distance between us. 


  "It's a morning but its not a good one considering i had to wake up early and i have to go to school." she replied not taking her eyes off of me. After i finished eating i stood up putting my dish in the sink. I grabbed my bag in one hand and my phone in the other. 


 "Ready to go?" I questioned. Sam nodded standing up. She wore a short black crop top that showed half her stomach stopping under her boobs making sure people saw her bellybutton ring, bleached high waisted shorts, earring that had her name on them in cursive, an LA beanie that was white, a blue plaid t-shirt that was wrapped around her waist but you could see the writing on it that stood out in white letters 'IDIOT', and to top it off she had on some orange timberland's. 


  "Like the view?" I snapped out of my trance blushing. Sam laughed a little and walked in the direction of the door me following behind as we made our way to school. 


 ~~I'm going to skip to lunch since i am to lazy to write about the boring classes they have~~


 _Lunch Time_


 When lunch came by i walked with my hands in my pocket to the Cafe. Getting my tray of food i found myself sitting in my usual seat with my friends. 


  "Hey guys" I smiled sighing. They mumbled a hello and went back to eating, talking, or for Cody and Mia, kissing. Groaning i turned to them making a face 


  "Do you guys ever stop sucking each others faces off? I mean doesnt it hurt, you dont even pull apart for air." I threw my arms around. They pulled away and Luke (Not Luke Hemmings) chuckled going back to reading his book.


  " Maybe if you had a boyfriend you wouldnt be telling us the same thing over and over every single day." Mia announced while i rolled my eyes taking a big bite of my cheese burger. 


  I swallowed "I dont need a boyfriend to stop me from telling you to stop sucking your faces off." 


  "Whatever you say cupcake." 


  "I have a question" I told them while they all turned to me. "Lets say Hypothetically speaking you have a friend that likes the same gender and they dont know if her/his friends will approve of them liking the same sex- Mia cut me off 


  "Are you saying you like me?" I made a face 


  "God no. Ew." 


  "what now you're saying im not Delilah dateable material?" she mumbled. 


  I sighed "This isnt about me and you are very much dateable just not for me, and even if you were you have Cody to give you a little something something." I winked in Cody's direction 


  "Anyways.. Delilah if your 'friend' likes the same sex it's in my opinion disgusting, a guy and a guy or a girl and a girl arent meant to be together it has to be a girl and a guy thats it tell that to your friend." Angel one of the  guys said. I nodded turning my gaze back to my burger just picking at it for i have lost my appetite. 











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