"Have you ever.. kissed anyone?" I asked "I never kissed anyone before." She said looking down "And I bet you never had a boyfriend nor girlfriend" I answered trapping her as I leaned in a little "I'm straight!" "I don't care." and our lips connected.


1. Delilah

Sam's Pov:


  "Sammie Please!" my best friend Xavier was trying to get me to go to this 'beginning of the year party' or some shit but I told him multiple times I cant go.


  "Zay, you know I cant go because my parents are making me meet some new worker at their job and their family." I said calling him by his nickname


  "Fine. But we are going to the mall on Saturday and I don't wanna hear any whining missy." I groaned I HATE shopping


  "But why? You know I hate shopping and I already have clothes I don't need anymore!" I exclaimed


  "I said no whining my child, we are going shopping and that's final."


  "Yes Father." I mumbled as we walked into our 1st period class History I hate this class, the teacher, and the students in it. Xavier likes it for some reason but whatever.


  "Oh and I have a surprise for you after school!" He sang and took his seat but I sat on his lap jumping up and down


  "Tell me, tell me, tell me, tell me!" I chanted he chuckled and shook his head


  "You'll know later gorgeous." 


  "But I wanna know now!" I screamed


  "You know the whole class is looking at us right?" he whispered in my ear as I looked around the room


  "The fuck y'all staring at?! I swear you kids are mad nosy!" I screamed at them and they all went back to doing their work.


  "Will you please tell me? Pretty please with sugar on tippidy top?" he shook his head with a big smile on his face


  "I hate you." I commented getting off him and sitting in my own seat next to him "I love you too baby." Okay so y'all crazy kids must be thinking 'Are they dating or nah?' well we aren't. Xavier and I are just really great, amazing, most wonderful friends we can ever be since kinder. Yes we act like we're dating but guess what I'm a lesbian, shocker I know but I don't give 2 bricks what you think about me. Go tell your problems to someone else. I would continue on but the most annoying of them all just walked into the classroom, the teacher. And let me tell you when she saw me she gave me the dirtiest look ever and I gave it right back and then the phone rang.


  "Ms. Lawrence you are wanted in the principles office." she said hanging up and she sounding glad I was leaving.


  "Don't worry Jennifer I'm going to be back." I said calling her by her first name. All the students looked at me


  "I know I'm beautiful but y'all need to keep your eyes on my body." I announced to the class as they all returned to what they were doing.


  "I'll text you when I know what happened okay bae?" I said looking at Zay he nodded and went back to drawing his favorite thing to do and I walked out the class.

Principals office-


   "Mr. Porter you needed me?" I asked walking into his office


  "Ah yes Samantha I want you to meet Delilah, Delilah Samantha." He said as I took a seat


  "What's up hot stuff." I smirked 


  "Sam focus, I need you to show Delilah around school, she has all the same classes with you do you understand me?" I nodded still looking at Delilah she was truly beautiful but I bet she's not into girls.


  "Now run along you too, and don't try anything Samantha." he said giving me a look I put my hands up in surrender


  "I wont jeez Mr. you have got to learn to trust me more." I said joking


  "I do now you two go on." he was basically kicking us out of his office. What a principle


  "So Delilah what made you come to Avalon High?" I asked her


  "My parents got a better job offer so we had to move from Ireland to here." she whispered but loud enough for me to hear


  "They're making me have dinner with some of the people they work with and their family tonight." she sighed


  "Cheer up pumpkin, I'm sure it's not going to be that bad and if it is, call or text me and I will save you." I laughed and she started laughing along with me.


  "Okay, so this is the gym which we have for our 5th block, Then there is the music room, you can like come here on your free time anyone can. Since Mr. Porter said you have all the same classes with me I'm going to show you to these boring classes." and that's what I did


  "So this is History, which we are in right now, then we have Tech, Math, Science, Lunch, Study Hall, and then we get out and 2:20." I finished off


  "I am so not going to remember that! I have the memory of a goldfish." she announced


  "Good Luck." I said and dragged her into Tech as soon as the bell rang. We were the first ones in there so I took out my phone and texted Zay


  *To ZayBear: Mr. Porter wanted me to show around a new girl around the school, and let me let ya she is beyond beautiful!

  'From Zaybear : My baby has a crush! Awes. Is she into girls?

  'To ZayBear: Dude you tell anyone and I promise I will hurt you and I just met the girl I don't fricking know.

  'From ZayBear: Fine I wont and ask her or I will I'm walking into Tech right now.

  'To ZayBear: I'm sure she's not into girls Zay. She doesn't seem like the type.


  And that was the end of our conversation before someone sat on my lap


  "I'll prove she's into girls and into you." he whispered into my ear


  "Hey bae!" He yelled kissing my cheek "Hi handsome." I replied back putting my hand through his blonde hair


  "Are you guys dating?" a voice from behind me asked Zay and I both turned around to see it was Delilah. I was about to answer when Xavier did


  "Yes we are." "Cool." she answered


  "I'm Xavier by the way but you can call me Zay anytime."


  "Delilah, but call me lil or lily, cherry, whatever floats your boat." he nodded


  "So Cherry you into girls or are you straight?" I looked at him like he was crazy.


  "I'm straight as a line can go." She laughed and it kind of broke my heart knowing she's straight but I didn't care.



   After School:



  "Don't forget to call me after the dinner thingy okay? And we are going shopping on Saturday don't forget. Delilah you are welcome to join if you want."


  "Sure I'd love to, but I got to ask my parents first." A horn honked behind us


  "Well that's my ride. Thanks for showing me around today Samantha-" I cut her off


  "Call me Sammie or Sam and no problem." we all hugged switched numbers and went out separate ways. As I got home I saw my parents car in the drive way.


  "Mom, Dad I'm home!" I screamed walking into the 'Mansion' which is what Xavier likes to call it.


  "Honey go get ready and dress nice our guests are going to be here in about and hour!" I sighed and went into my room. I took a shower and put on a black dress that hugs my body in all the right places. I don't like dresses to be honest my mom being my mom told me yesterday I couldn't wear pants its not 'lady like'


   I put on a pair on my converse. What? I put a dress on, don't push it.


  "Samantha they're here!" my mom yelled from downstairs "Coming!" when I reached the last step my dad pulled me gently and introduced me to two grown ups I looked behind them and saw a girl looking down her hair covering her face so I couldn't really see it.


  "This is our daughter." the man said bringing the girl in front of him and she finally looked up.




Heeeey guys so this is my new story and I really really hope you guys like it! Like, Heart, Fave, Share, All that good stuff. THanks for reading will update tomorrow and Sunday Lovelies!!! Andee Xxxx



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