When there are so many others...

"You don't know what it's like." I said while tears started to make there way to me eyes.
"What?" He asked a bit annoyed and frustrated.
"You don't understand!" I announced raising my voice a bit.
"Well then would you like to explain it to me?" He said calming his voice.
"When you have all these thoughts it's like... you can't just...." I stood there thinking of how i wanted to say this. He walked right in front of me and held my hand.
"What is it that I don't understand?"
"The only way I can think of putting it is like... it's like your hanging off of a skyscraper....."


6. Tomorrow?

Jordan's POV

I sat in my fifth period class, not really paying attention to what the teacher was saying. I just doodled in my notebook, looking up every now and then, so it would seem as if I was paying attention. I was thinking about a few things as I doodled a flower on the piece of paper. I thought about Niall, this being the first day he was gone, I was a bit nervous. When ever I got bullied by Bella, I would go home and Niall would always cheer me up. He never knew that's what he was doing, but he always put a smile on my face. Now, he wasn't there, he wouldn't be home to help me with my homework, or cheer me up, or make dinner. None of that would happen for a long time.

I also thought about Alex, sure he was cute, but I don't know if I would go out with him. Speaking of Alex, he just so happened to be in this class. Every now and then I would look over at him, and every now and then he would look back. If we made eye contact, I just glanced back down at my paper and pretended to take notes. Sometimes I would look at him and he would already be looking at me. He just looked up at the board and blushed a bit, it made me smile.

The bell rang, ending the science class, and I stood up and walked out the door. I waited outside the door for Alex to come out. He came out and smiled at me and we started walking down the hall together. I helped him find his locker then we walked to mine, as I laughed at something he just said to me.

"Alex, that's a little harsh, ya know, considering you had just met her." I said, still laughing at what he told me.

"Well, it's true. She basically tried to put her hand in my pants, I could tell she was a slut. I mean even her name was slutty, or at least when she introduced herself it sounded slutty." I laughed more as he told me about the last time he moved.

"What was her name?"

"Valentina." He said in a french accent, dragging out the last A.

"Haha, what else did she do?"

"Well, for the rest of the year she would talk to me in a flirtatious way. And once when I went to a party, she just so happened to be there. I got a little drunk and ran into her, then she pulled me into a bedroom and started unbuttoning my pants. Luckily, I ended up realizing who she was and left before anything happened."

"Wow, sounds like someone else I know." I said to him, referring to Bella.

"You guys have a girl like that here?"

"I'm sure every school has a girl like that. Just like every family has that one really weird relative, every school has that one supper slutty girl, along with a few others that aren't as bad." I said with a smirk on my face.

"Ha, ya. So...um, do you have any plans later?" I tripped and almost fell after he asked me. He looked confused as he stopped me from falling. "Did I say something wrong?"

"No, not at all, It's just.... I don't have any friends so I don't get asked to hang out much. Unless It's Justin asking me to have sex with him."

"Oh, who is Justin, your boyfriend?" I burst out laughing when he said that, just then the bell rang and we rushed to class.

"I'll talk to you about that who thing later, but to answer your question. No, Justin is not my boyfriend." We walked into the math classroom and took our seats.


It seemed like forever, but school finally ended and the final bell rang. I packed my things up and walked out of the classroom. I looked around the hallway for Alex, but didn't see him, so I went ahead and made my way to my locker. I got everything I needed and looked around a bit more for Alex. I then saw him talking to Bella and she had her hands on his chest while she inched herself closer to him. Alex just stood there and talked to her until she walked away. I walked up to him after she left.

"So.... I see you met Bella." I said.

"Ya, is that the major slut of the school?"

"Haha, yes that would be her. So what did she say to you?"

"Well she started talking to me in math, but I didn't really pay much attention to her. Then afterwards she came up to me and tried to make plans with me this weekend. Obviously I said no, but she kept on trying to get me to 'hang out' with her. So I told her I had plans with you, I was kinda hoping to hang out with you this weekend anyway."

"Did you specifically say I was the one you had plans with?"

"No, I just said I had plans."



"Cause she is the girl who bullies me, she would hate me even more if she knew I was friends with you." I then realized what I just said and regretted it. I wasn't sure if Alex wanted to refer to me as a friend or not. "I mean, she probably wouldn't like if she knew I was talking to you... and uh, stuff..." I said blushing.

"Are we not friends?" He then asked.

"Oh, well ya, if you say we are, then sure. I just didn't know if you wanted say we are friend or not, cause you know, I don't have any." He put an arm around me, looked down and smiled at me. That put the butterflies in my stomach back in place. I looked up at him with a small smile on my face.

"Well now I'm your friend." My smile grew. "Oh, and you never answered my question."

"What question?"

"I asked you if you had any plans later, remember?"

"Well, I have a bunch of homework today, but would tomorrow be ok?"

"Ya, ya sure. That would be great. So I'll see you tomorrow?"

"Ya, I'll see you tomorrow." I started walking home with the biggest smile on my face. I had been walking for 15 minutes when I reached the bus stop. I found Justin leaning up against the sign and a smirk appeared on his face when I came into view. He stood up and started walking with me once I was next to him. It stayed silent between us until I sighed. It was a nice silence, it actually made it ok to be around him, but then he opened his mouth.

"So 'Little miss innocent', care to explain something to me?"


"Want to tell me why I strike out, after hinting to you for three years, but this new guys walks into the school and automatically has you wrapped around his finger?" I blushed a bit and looked away from him.

"He does not have me wrapped around his finger."

"Oh sure, I think that blush that was on your face says otherwise. I saw you two, walking out together talking and laughing ."

"So what if we talked and laughed. I mean, what does it- Wait a minute. Your jealous!" I shouted. This time he blushed and looked away from me.

"I am not! We aren't even dating."

"Oh ya, I think that blush that was on your face says otherwise." I said with a smirk on my face, quoting him.

"Why in the world would I be jealous?"

"You said it yourself, I turned you down for three years, and Alex just walked in the school and I started being friends with him. Maybe one day... even more." Justin's face grew red out of anger, and I had butterflies reappear in my stomach at the thought of Alex and I being more than friends.

"Ok, so what if I am a  little jealous? I mean I've liked you for three years, well four actually, and every time you turned me down."

"Wait, you actually like me?" He blushed again and got a bit pale in the face.

"Y-ya, I've had the biggest crush on you for awhile now. It kinda hurts that I can't even get you to talk to me after fours years, but Alex can get you to laugh at him after four hours."

"Maybe because when ever you talk to me, your always trying to get in my pants." We had arrived at my house and I started walking toward my front door. "Um, I'll talk to you later ok?" He made a small smile and sighed.

"Ya, ok. Um... you wont tell Bella about this, right?"

"Do you think I'm trying to get murdered?" He laughed.

"Ok, good. Uh, I-I guess I'll see you tomorrow?"

"Ya, I'll see you tomorrow." I said as I opened my door and walked inside. Well that was interesting.

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