When there are so many others...

"You don't know what it's like." I said while tears started to make there way to me eyes.
"What?" He asked a bit annoyed and frustrated.
"You don't understand!" I announced raising my voice a bit.
"Well then would you like to explain it to me?" He said calming his voice.
"When you have all these thoughts it's like... you can't just...." I stood there thinking of how i wanted to say this. He walked right in front of me and held my hand.
"What is it that I don't understand?"
"The only way I can think of putting it is like... it's like your hanging off of a skyscraper....."


1. Unwell

Jordan's POV

Ok, so your all probably thinking I'm going to give you a big, sad, sappy intro. Wrong, I want to make as short and sweet as possibly. You'll find out everything else you need to know about me later. Obviously my name is Jordan, I'm 16 years old. The only person in my life that really matters at this point is my brother, Niall. Our parents died awhile back and we are all each other has. Niall is really into music and is constantly auditioning for things. Me on the other hand, I'm not really talented at anything. So I just watch Niall preform, I think that's my talent right there.


 I walked quickly out of the doors of my school and tried to get on the bus without anyone noticing me. I was unsuccessful when I saw that Bella made her way on to the bus before me. 'Lovely, what's she got up her sleeve this time?' I wondered. I took a seat and waited for her to walk up to me and insult me, or smack me or something along those lines. But she didn't she just gave me one of the most horrifying glares I had ever seen. ' If looks could kill.' I thought.

Just then, her boyfriend, Justin, appeared on the bus and took a seat next to her while eyeing me up and down. It put chill bumps on my arms and I shivered. The two of them were the perfect match, they were both whores. Justin being a man whore. He had slept with a good number of girls in the school and Bella doing the same with the boys. They went off and did there thing with whoever they pleased over the weekend and would be perfectly fine with the other one's actions. It sickened me a bit.

I just sat in my seat and put my headphones in my ear and listened to my music. By that time everyone was on the bus and we drove down the road. We road for a good five minutes then got to my neighborhood. I was lucky, being one of the first to get off, I gathered my belongings and waited for it to stop. When it did I stood up and walked off the bus with Justin right behind me. Yes, he lives in the same area as me, isn't it wonderful. We walked down the road, me still having my headphones in my ears, when he suddenly pulled one out and started talking to me.

"Hey, um, Jordan. I was just thinking, maybe, if you wanted to, maybe we could hook up this weekend?" Justin may be a man whore, but he's not very good at talking to other people. Also, me being the girl no one talks to, no one really notices, no one wants to be near, it probably put even more pressure on him. The reason no one talked, notices, or wants to be near me, is because when we got into high school people would ask to hook up with me. I would always turn everyone down. Then people started making fun of me, and bullying me. After a while it died down, people got board of me and needed a new target. So they all moved on and forgot about me, and now it's like I have a horrid disease or something. I still get bullied but, mainly by Bella. Every now and then her little 'wanna bes' will join in, but that hardly happens.

"Aw, Justin we've been over this-" I started to say.

"I know but, maybe we could finally give it a try?"

"I have already said no how many times you?"


"Including the few times this week."


"Ok, don't you think eighteen times is enough for a guy to get a hint? Sorry Justin but, no thanks." I quickly made my way to my house and left Justin to walk by himself. I walked inside to find that Niall wasn't there. I set down me bag and took out my other headphone. I suddenly heard a guitar playing and voice singing through-out the upper part of the house. I quietly walked up to find that his door was cracked open so I looked into his room. He sat on his bed and held the guitar. I stood and listened for awhile, then realized that the song he was singing was one of our dad's favorite songs. I closed my eyes and listen to the sweet sound of the guitar with my brother's beautiful voice.

I started to think about my dad and mom. I got so distracted by my thoughts that I didn't notice the music and singing had stopped. My eyes were still closed and when I opened them I found Niall standing right in front of me with wide eyes and a strange face. It spooked me a bit. I inhaled sharply and almost tripped over my own two feet. Niall started laughing and pointing at me.

"My God Niall, you scared me." 

"That's what I was going for." He said in a proud voice.

"That is no way to treat your younger sister. You nearly gave me a heart attack." I went on.

"Oh please no need to exaggerate, and just what were you doing standing outside my door in the first place." He said with a smug look, knowing that I had no knowledgeable answer.

"That is for me to know and for you to never find out." I said smirking, knowing he knew why I was standing there.

"Just admit you love my beautiful singing voice and my amazingly skilled guitar playing!" He said engulfing me in a hug.

"Ok fine, I love your voice and guitar playing."

"That's not exactly how I wanted you to say it but close enough." He said unwrapping his arms around me. He walked back into his room with me trailing behind him. I sat on his bed with him, placing my head on his pillows and relaxing a bit.

"Play me something." I said to him. He already knew exactly what I wanted to hear. He started strumming the guitar and soon followed by singing the wonderful song 'Unwell' by Match Box Twenty. It was an old-ish song, but reminded me of my parents and when Niall and I were younger. When things were simpler. He had only gotten to the chorus of the song when I soon fell asleep.

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