Daughter of Two skies

Okay, before you read, you should know i am a VERY slow writer. Seriously I am about at the pace of a snail, so i am gonna take forever to update.
So this story begins in the Sahara, where a young girl name Layali journeys, rarely does she stay in a town more than a day or two. Her passion is dancing. but theirs a catch she's not normal, she is the daughter of the moon and sun. When tourists from Branson high come for their school trip, they stumble upon Layali, she is recognized by someone.
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2. Students

Chapter two:  

The students POV

Spinning and moving a young woman danced and danced it was amazing it almost seemed to tell a story? As our attention was faced towards this young woman, who spined and moved as fast as the desert wind.

 “That probably super easy to do” Samantha stated, while copying the moves herself and failing miserably, while the class rolled their eyes at her remark and ignored her.

 Samantha was jealous being our top cheerleader and the “pride and joy of Branson High” as teachers called her.

 Ms.Snoup asked the guide “ what is she doing?” the guide answered “Uh, I am pretty sure she is doing movements called Dancing”.

No one laughed, but Brian who was the class clown who had the weirdest sense of humor.

 All the men and woman around us stared at us like we were crazy; we probably were from all this heat.

 But as we watched her she started to sing the tour guide said something “ street performers are popular but I have never seen such a dance” after watching her we started to see what she looked like her eyes were covered by a thin cloth her hair was peeping through her head wrapping, as she danced pitch black curls popped out, her skin glistened, it was a light brown.

 Ms.Snoup was all hyped up, we from this so-called adventure, walked over there and started asking the guide questions.

 Once she had finished dancing, Ms.Snoup walked over there “tell this young woman what excellent dancing skill she has” she asked the guide who wasn’t even from here and could only say the Arabian alphabet. So Ms.Snoup asked the 6 ft., almost 7 ft. tall bodyguards. We were luckily they new more than the alphabet in English.

 So we walked closer and one of the bodyguards face filled with recognition. He walked over they and said something in a foreign language and the girl turned and smiled.

 He lifted up and threw her and caught her kissing her cheek she laughed and wrap her tiny arms around the huge man.

 All of us were confused and the other bodyguard who was his son in law went over, and asked them, he came over and said, “It’s his brothers daughter, who he hasn’t seen in in many years”.

The reunion was short and sweet They hugged good-bye and was getting ready to leave as the tall man frowned.

 So Claire, the only one who knew the language asked him something, she was moving her hands back and forth while speaking fluently.

 She nodded and came over to Ms.Snoup “he is disappointed he has to leave and say good-bye so soon.

 Ms.Snoup always read books on the plane and bus here about sad stories and loved them that were the only thing she talked about all day. Ms.Snoup, binged like a light bulb and said happily “ why don’t we have His niece stay with us tonight so they could see each other again” she clapped her hands together.

 The rules were to NOT accept any strangers, but who listened to them, even teachers.

Still unsure the girl was declining telling us she was going to be here tomorrow, but Ms.Snoup changed her mind for her come, more like forced her, and give her no choice at all.

 On the way she was pulling her camel, talking to the guard and Claire.

 When we made it they girls were discussing whom she’d stay with but you can guess who won, Samantha and her posse or “the popular girls”.

But Ms.Snoup said she had to stay with Claire since no one else spoke Arabic.



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