Daughter of Two skies

Okay, before you read, you should know i am a VERY slow writer. Seriously I am about at the pace of a snail, so i am gonna take forever to update.
So this story begins in the Sahara, where a young girl name Layali journeys, rarely does she stay in a town more than a day or two. Her passion is dancing. but theirs a catch she's not normal, she is the daughter of the moon and sun. When tourists from Branson high come for their school trip, they stumble upon Layali, she is recognized by someone.
Title picture creator:


5. Heart

Chapter Five Layali’s POV


I smiled as I lay on the bed next to a sleeping Claire, green eyes on my mind, the boy who had pulled Claire back how he looked and talked, his smile, and the glint in his mossy green eyes.

 He was in my dreams and my thoughts the whole night, I couldn’t stop thinking about him, who was he? Who is the boy who just stole my heart?


Next morning…

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