Daughter of Two skies

Okay, before you read, you should know i am a VERY slow writer. Seriously I am about at the pace of a snail, so i am gonna take forever to update.
So this story begins in the Sahara, where a young girl name Layali journeys, rarely does she stay in a town more than a day or two. Her passion is dancing. but theirs a catch she's not normal, she is the daughter of the moon and sun. When tourists from Branson high come for their school trip, they stumble upon Layali, she is recognized by someone.
Title picture creator:


4. Falling

Chapter four

Luke POV


 After Ms.Snoup invited the girl to stay with my twin sister Claire, we went back to the hotel, and me and my friends Dylan, Jack and another kid who name is josh or something shared a room.

Dylan started to throw the football at Jack, while Josh just slept with a pillow covering his head.

“ That Dancing girl, seems pretty” said Jack, “If Their was one girl I would want to get to know it would be Claire” grinned Dylan I grab a random object and threw it, it was  a book, he rubbed his stomach where it hit him.

Ok my sister was one of the most beautiful girls at Branson High, and my best friend has liked her since middle school and she secretly likes him too,  but it was weird to see her with my best friend.

“Dylan, ok you two like each other, but that’s my sister and if you weren’t my best friend I would kill you”.

“She likes me?” Dylan asked while he caught the football, “in your dreams lover boy” said Jack, grinning evily.

  Dylan threw the football at him but missed, it was headed toward Josh.

But he was lying down so it would miss him, but a blood-chilling scream scared the living crap out of us, and Josh flew up and the football hit him in the head.

 He groaned in pain, and started to yell at Dylan. “ That sounded like up stairs, Claire was upstairs” I said franticly ,we ran up stairs.

Their Claire was Halfway out a window screaming “Layali” I grabbed her waist and pulled her back as we hit the floor.

Then the Layali, I think that’s her name, swung down, Her bright blue eyes gleamed, and she was beautiful.

“Look” she pointed to a sunset that gleamed of the sand that glittered like diamonds, the sunset was absolutely beautiful.  We walked back to our room as Dylan was smiling like a Cheshire cat.

I flung back on my bed and thought of that beautiful girl and had  her on my mind all night, I totally just fell for her.



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