Daughter of Two skies

Okay, before you read, you should know i am a VERY slow writer. Seriously I am about at the pace of a snail, so i am gonna take forever to update.
So this story begins in the Sahara, where a young girl name Layali journeys, rarely does she stay in a town more than a day or two. Her passion is dancing. but theirs a catch she's not normal, she is the daughter of the moon and sun. When tourists from Branson high come for their school trip, they stumble upon Layali, she is recognized by someone.
Title picture creator:


1. Layali's POV


Her hair was flying, her feet touching the ground only for seconds but she didn’t sound out of breath she kept on singing

Her voice was enchanting, it was memorizing, and people stop and just stared.

She finally came to a stop, bowed and left didn’t stop just grab the reins to her camel and left.

 Chapter one: Layalis POV

   I lived in Sahara; known as a desert hot, miserable, to me it’s heaven if only I had someone else.

Since I was 10 I have raised my self my mother and father were brutally murdered by bandits, while I had left to look for twigs, when I came back, I hid from them behind my tent, you can imagine what I had saw.

I saw the faces of my parents murders, smiles on their lips as swords pierced my parents body, as their collapsed to the ground, before they left it sat in my heart I vowed to someday to know, why? Destroy my family and how they new my name.

I didn’t bury them, since they weren’t human it was our tradition for them to Yohui, to have their souls leave they bodies, but I did burn them which took all my strength. I keep their ashes in a small clay jar that I kept with me.

  They were always something people ignored about them, the way my mother could sing to forever’s end and held an eternal beauty, my father’s looks never faded or he seemed to shine. But they weren’t normal they were different as many say they were magical. My mother was a moon maiden, one of the last of her kind after her kingdom was destroyed, and my father was a Sun prince, a descendent of light.

     Only once was the two lights combined, and that was when I was born. As the time passed I grew to 16 and dancing is the only thing keeping me alive, I go to town to town with the stars as my map, I followed them as you would follow a yellow brick road, until I ended up in yet another small town. The town that I am in now was very popular to tourists, it seemed with my black hair in curls with one single silver curl that every moon maiden has and my eyes that were an ocean blue and my creamy brown skin, I attracted attention, since my mother was often asked about her eyes I covered my face to avoid attention.

 I had a weird fascination with tourists; I was always amazed with tourist with their gold and brown hair and sometimes-colorful hair and many verities of eyes. In the corner of my eye was a group of tourist with few smiles and many frowns. I saw by looking in their eyes, an ability I had inherited from my father, I read their emotions, and they were fierce and angered, You instantly could tell they rich and were powerful since they had many bodyguards and wore jewelry in front of everyone. Unlike other tourists they sneered at the sight of us and wore the worst choices of clothes for here.

 They wore dresses and tank tops. I wore a dress but I had pants under and my shirt had many layers but you couldn’t tell.

 But I was here for one thing and it was to dance, so I danced for my new audience and the group saw me and came over one by one.


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