The Murder of Allania Vanvant

A short story I wrote quite a bit ago...

Allania Vanvant has been found dead, bloodied, and beaten in the bottom of a sewer. Slowly, the suspects in this murder are each found dead, murdered in some horrific way, each more horrific than the last. One by one they drop, until there is one left. That one will try her hardest to survive, but will she succeed?


1. The Murder Of Allania Vanvant


Continued from the case of the missing Allania Vanvant. Her body has been found at the bottom of the sewer underneath the corner of Washington Street and Sunrise Avenue. She was bruised, bloodied, and beaten, and what officials are thinking, raped. Estimated time of death is 12:30 AM on September 7, 1989. More details to come.


I folded the newspaper with a ruffle and turned to my laptop, clicking on the first tab, opening a video blog.


There was first some shaking of the camera, then a girl's face came on screen. I had seen her face the many times I've watched the vlog but I had to pay attention for details. The girl was speaking in a squeaky, scared voice, her voice quivering every so often.

"It's 2:30 a.m.... This is my second video journal entry.  I saw her again tonight. She was in the mirror. She was more bruised than the last time. Her pale, lifeless blue eyes were surrounded in purple-ish black." At this point, the girl shivered. "Her skin was covered in blood and bruises. I was in the bathroom and she was in the mirror. She was singing a song. 
I think it was in a different language or... or something but it sounded like a children's rhyme." She looked at her hands and drew in a shaky breath. "I don't know, but... but I'm so scared. If anyone sees this, please send help." I paused the video at that exact moment, seeing a black blur pass behind her. I wrote down that detail, then hit the play button again. "Please." She said, her voice cracking. The video ended there. 

I pulled the newspaper from the next day over.


"A girl who was believed to be part of Vanvant's murder was found last night dead with her bedroom mirror shattered. Her stomach was sliced open and her small and large intestines were ripped out, spread out around the room. Written in her blood with no DNA other than the victim's on the wall was "You." More details to come." The story on the front page of that newspaper. The picture next to the story was of the girl from the video blog. I had circled this headline and the caption underneath: "Kayla Bryant. Age 17. Victim."


I opened the next tab on my laptop, a male voice recording on a blog. 

"I know it's late but I had to say this out loud, otherwise I'd go insane. I was asleep, but I woke up to a.. a knocking.
It was coming from my mirror in my bathroom. I know anyone who hears this is probably saying 'You idiot you should have stayed in bed.' But I got up to go find out what the knocking was. I looked into the mirror, and saw.. a face. A familiar
face. Her pale blue eyes were angry and her bloodied mouth opened wide as she screeched out a children's song in Latin. I ran out of the bathroom, shutting the door behind me and opened my laptop. I figure if I call the cops, they'll
suspect me of murdering Allania. If anyone has any suggestion as to what I should do, please comment it. I just want to
live." Underneath, the comments had strangely been disabled. 

I opened up the paper lying next to the laptop.

"A young man, also suspected of killing Allania Vanvant, was found dead in his room this morning. His bathroom mirror was shattered and he seemed as though he was dragged out of bed. His eyes were gouged out and he had been castrated messily. Written on his wall in his blood, again with no other DNA, was "Shouldn't." More details to come."



The next tab was a written blog.

"I saw Allania today. Only she looked... different. She had dead eyes and bruises and blood everywhere. She was singing a song, in Latin I think. She smiled eerily before disappearing. She was in my mirror while I was getting ready for
bed. I had heard about Amber's death, and I figured it was because of Allania. She must have come out of her mirror.
I don't know why she's haunting me. Please help."

"A second boy, also suspected in the rape and murder of Allania Vanvant, was found in his bathroom this morning by his 
parents. His neck was cut so deep his head was only connected to his head by a small amount of skin, and he was also 
castrated. On his wall, in his blood, was the word "Have." More details to come." An excerpt from a newspaper released that day.

A voice recording was uploaded below that, two days after that written entry. 

"I heard about Brian's murder and I'm almost positive now that it was Allania. I saw her again tonight. She was even more bruised than she had been. Her smile was even more creepy. After she left, there was a single crack in my mirror. Please help. I swear I'm not crazy."


There was one more newspaper article following the post. 


"The third male suspected in the murder of Allania Vanvant was found hanging from his ceiling fan with his hands and feet
cut off. He was also castrated. In his blood on the wall was the word "Killed." A serial murderer is suspected."


There was a single voice post after that. The last one, as I soon come to find out.


"It's 4 in the morning. All of my friends have been killed except me. I'm even more scared. Allania's coming after me next. Maybe.... Maybe if I confess, she'll spare me. I, Lucy James, was the one who convinced Brian, Amber, Jimmy, and Mike to rape, beat, and kill Allania Vanvant. I-" She was cut off by glass shattering and a screech. 

This was posted at 4 a.m. as a live stream this morning.

I was waiting for the newspaper to come with the news of the latest death, but none came. 

The boy who normally delivered the newspapers knocked on my door. 

"Ma'am, have you seen the news?" He asked.

"No, why?" I had a strong feeling I knew why. 

"A girl was murdered in her room recently. The paper has a mini biography on her, if you're interested." I shook my head, closing my door with a polite "no, thank you." I walked over to my T.V., not quite ready for what I knew would be on the news.

A blonde lady was sitting at her desk on the screen with a solemn look on her face.

"The last of the suspects in the Vanvant murder was found in her room, dead. Her laptop was recording when she died
and she had confessed that her and the other deceased students had planned Vanvant's murder. She was found with a shard of glass impaling her neck and both of her eyes had been gouged out. Engraved in her skin in neat hand writing was the word 'Me.'" The woman sighed. "A tragedy, but hopefully the last in this case."


I shook my head. I knew what it was, and I knew this would be the last in the case. I shook my head, nothing more to figure out now. I packed my laptop into my briefcase, along with the newspapers. I was about to walk out, ready to find the next case to work on.

Until I heard a knock come from the bathroom.


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