I promise.

Time to start over, but what happens when Cleo falls for Luke Hemmimgs? And what happens when her past starts to reveal it's self, will Luke be able to save Cleo or is it to late.


4. Thanks mom...

I got home in such a good mood, as I turned the door handle I started to giggle, I'm not sure why but that's ok it doesn't really matter right now.

My mom was sitting on the couch with a bottle in her hand, vodka, most likely. I skip past her to the basement where my brothers room were. But before I could open the door my mom shouted at me.

" what is a slut like you doing in such a giddy mood."

"Excuse me?!" I turned around and crossed my arms.

"You heard me,slut!" She screamed at me.

I decided to ignore her I'm not sure why she was mad at me I'm not even she knew why she was mad but she was.

As I turned around to go to the basement I felt a cold harsh hand on my arm.

"Ouch!, get off would ya!" I spat trying so hard not to cry and show I was weak.

I turned my head to face her when suddenly a felt a sharp pain on my face and before I knew it I was on the ground.

I must've past out or something cause when I came to mom was gone, I finally regained balance and instead of going to the basement witch was my previous plan I went to the bathroom.

I looked in the mirror, oh wow! That's a big bruise normally she slaps me but this time I think she full on punched me!

Well, I guess I should probably ice my face, I'm tired of having to be scared of my house! My own mother! Ugh!

2 mouths ago I tried to bleed away the pain but I soon realized that it was just making it worse so I endured all my mom threw at me.

At least I have Luke.

"Whoaaaaa, C, what happened to you!" My oldest brother Noah said when he walked in to my room to find me icing my face, he calls me "C". That's what my dad called me.

"I think you know what the hell happened" I said in a very sassy voice, man I am so sassy.

" oh... Well keep icing it, I haven't seen mom yet so she probably at the bar." Noah calmly said, he always took the father roll in the family after dad died, but it's not the same.

"Ya, I know, could you cover for me tomorrow night, I'm going on a date!" I screeched in his ear with so much excitement!

"Eeeeeiiiikkkkkeeee!" He screeched back mimicking a girl. " of course I will, and listen you every need someone to talk to... I'm always here." He suddenly went all serious, he's the best.

I gave him a big hug and me and him cuddled on the couch the rest of the night.

Mom never came home last night. And for some reason I was worried, because Aunt Joy never came home either. This can't be good.

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