I promise.

Time to start over, but what happens when Cleo falls for Luke Hemmimgs? And what happens when her past starts to reveal it's self, will Luke be able to save Cleo or is it to late.


5. officers and lies

My aunt had shown up sometime in the afternoon. apparently she found a "hot" date, and a cheap motel room. My aunt was something else.

My mom hadn't came to the house or called, so we had to call the police, this happened once before but turns out she went on "holidays" and we should have know.

"When was the last time you spoke with your mother?"Chang, the officer who came to our house, said in his husky man voice.

"Oh um I well you see-" I was horrible at lying especially to an officer."-I had uh fallen um and I passed out and when I er uh woke up I was on the couch." I lied. To a policeman. Oh bother.

"Excuse me, Miss, you didn't answer my question, when the last time you had talked to your mom was? Is there something your not telling me?" Chang questioned. I was not letting my mom go to jail all because of some guy named Chang. All though I hated my mom I guess in a way I needed her she kept my head in reality and she was my mother after all.

"No sir, I just really miss her, my brains not working right, the last time I talked to her... Let's see that would before I left for school in the morning." I said trying my best to cover my tracks.

"Uh huh... Well did anything seem wrong with your mom?" Chang questioned.

No, she was her normal bitchy self. "No, she said goodbye and kissed my forehead like always" I lied, it's not entirely false she use to that before dad died.

"Uh huh... Well I'll let you know if anything comes up." Chang said as he wrote stuff down.

I didn't realize I had started crying... Oh damn are these fake tears? Or real? Either way, I hate lying and I had my date to think about.

"It'll be ok." Chang patted my shoulder and with that he left.

I went to my room and kinda just let it all out, I screamed, threw stuff,cried. But by the end of the night I wasn't mad anymore I was worried again... It was probably just mood swings I hated being a girl..... With a deep and utter passion.

There was one up side to being a girl, LUKE! I got to go out with him and I was soooooo happy!!!!!


Sorry if there is spelling and grammar mistakes I wrote this on the bussssss

~Hannah :)

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