I promise.

Time to start over, but what happens when Cleo falls for Luke Hemmimgs? And what happens when her past starts to reveal it's self, will Luke be able to save Cleo or is it to late.


8. boys suck

I don't remember much of that night, truth is I'm trying to forget. My mom was taken away there was a lot of paperwork and police officers. My brothers snuck a little to late my mom was gone by the time police were at the house. Luke had been texting all night cause I promised I would text him last night but I got a little caught up with everything. Aunt joy'a body was recovered and taken away. What do I tell Luke? What do I tell anybody!? If I didn't show up to school like would be curious.

*7:00 am

Everything was dying down police had left, paperwork was done and it was me and my brothers around the table just staring at out empty coffee cups. We managed to stay awake all night by drinking almost 6 whole cups.

"I'm going to get ready for school" I said

And with that I marched up stairs to my room put on some black plants and a grey hoodie, took my backpack with all my unfinished homework and headed off to school. I had just reached the door when Noah tapped me on the shoulder.

"Hey" he said

"Hi, I gotta go I don't wanna be late" I had the door half way open when he piped up

"It's Saturday you know."

"Oh... Alright I'll just go for a walk then I guess"

With everything happening right now I really just wanted to leave, run off into the sunset with my knight in shinning armer and all that jazz. As I walked downtown I saw the local ice cream shop. Hmm I could go for some ice cream. I know I wasn't skinny and well I was sorta chunky and I didn't need ice cream and I shouldn't eat ice cream but you know after the night I had I DESERVE this. As I approached the side of the building I peered through the window and saw Luke and this what appeared to be a blonde girl, I couldn't really tell cause they were like sucking each others faces off! That lying bastard! A normal teenage girl would have marched in there and flipped shit. But I was not normal. I didn't get ice cream which looking back now, was the most disappointing thing about that day. I'm not mad at Luke, oh wait, no I'm hella mad and he will pay. They always do.

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