I promise.

Time to start over, but what happens when Cleo falls for Luke Hemmimgs? And what happens when her past starts to reveal it's self, will Luke be able to save Cleo or is it to late.


3. A date.

I didn't respond to his last question I just gave him a nervous smile. He showed me my locker like a true gentleman and we apparently had all the same classes. SCORE!

-2 weeks later-

School was ok the only person I knew was Luke, besides my brothers who all had girlfriends by now, I guess they were attractive young males.

Me and Luke hung out once and a while he was really great but we never actually went on a date,yet.

"Hey,love!" Luke chirped as I walked into the classroom for history class.

"Hey!" I smiled brightly, man was he ever hot.

Class began as usual, I sat in the back with Luke and neither of us payed attention. Luke slipped me a note that read..

"Wanna go out with me tomorrow, like a date?

Circle Yes Or No

(P.s I know it's not very romantic but ya..)"

Whoa he just asked me out! I looked over at him his eyes were fixed on the blackboard, I guess he's shy. I didn't want to seem desperate so I waited a while to answer and I caught him slightly glancing over at me to see if I would answer.

Of course I circled yes, I mean I'm not stupid.

The rest of the day was the best Luke was in a good mood all day and so was I, until I got home.


Hey guys! So I hope you enjoy reading this and uh ya there will be more chapters and they will be longer I promise it's I have relatives down from England right now so ya, I hope you enjoy it

~Hannah :)

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