Harry Potter- Ginny and Harry

What happened in between the ending of the books and the epiloge? Are the DA still around? What happens next? Read to find out! (Im sorry is i say wizard cops. It means aurors. It is from AVPSY.)


4. The Rocks

At the rocks we watch the sun set and the giant squid swim. "Its so beautiful, Harry. I could sit out here forever." she whispers. "I know. I wish this would never end." I reply. "Thank you for taking me here." she says dreamily. I always think she look amazing when her head is in the clouds. "It is what boyfriends do." I say. She giggles. "We're dating?" she asks. "If you want to." I say, very embarrassed. "Are you serious? I totally want to be your girlfriend." she replys. She looks at me with her beautiful green eyes. She looks so perfect and I just want to kiss her! I can't fight this feeling anymore. It feels like I am floating through space. I can't think about anything else. I lean over and kiss her. She looks at me so happily and so pleased. She kisses me back with passion. I love her and she loves me, and I will never leave her. "I love you." I say to her."I love you too." she says. I take her hand and we walk back to the castle. "We will be leaving Hogwarts soon, at least I will. This is my last year. I have to pursue my dreams of being a wizard cop." I say sadly. "If you leave, I leave." she says fiercly. "Look, Ginny, I love you. But, I can't get in the way of your education. You need to stay here. If there is a crazy villian that I need to kill or hunt down, I will let you leave to help me. But only if it is a wizarding crisis. If the school is endangered, I will call the D.A wherever they are, to reunite. But this is so unlikely, I doubt this will ever happen next year." I say sadly. "But, how will I ever talk to you, see you, or just hear from you?" she asks me. "Ginny, I will regularly write to you and I can talk to you through the fireplace. I will not leave you." I say to her. "I guess I have to stay." she says to me. I sigh. We approch the Fat Lady. "Cauldren Cake" I say carelessly. "Potter's dating a Weasley. Not surprising." the Fat Lady says, while giggiling. "Shut up!" Ginny snaps at her. We walk into the common room and relax with Ron and Hermione. We finally go to bed very late.

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