Harry Potter- Ginny and Harry

What happened in between the ending of the books and the epiloge? Are the DA still around? What happens next? Read to find out! (Im sorry is i say wizard cops. It means aurors. It is from AVPSY.)


2. Gryffindor

She gives a little squeal. "Is it Harry?" she asks happily. "Yes, you win!" I say while laughing. I take my hands from her eyes and she turns around. I pull her into a warm embrace. She mutters,"Did you hear about Fred?" "Yes, I'm really sorry about that." I whisper in her ear. "I know it will get better, because you have faced so much loss and you are still strong." she murmmers. "Will you two stop whispering and pretending I'm not here?" exclaimed an exasperated Luna. "Sorry, Luna" Ginny and I say apoligeticly. "Luna, is it ok if Ginny and I go hang out in our common room?" I ask Luna. "Sure, I will go talk to Neville." Luna says brightly. I grab Ginny's hand and we go to the Gryffindor common room. When we enter, we find Seamus, Dean, Ron, Hermione, and Lavender. Seamus and Dean are talking while sitting on the couch. Ron and Hermione are playing chess. Lavender is daydreaming by the window. When we enter, everyone erupts in cheers and praise. "Thanks for saving us, 'Arry!" Seamus exclaimes. As everyone settles down, and Ginny and I settle by the fireplace, the rest of the Gryffindor House enters the room. More excited whooping and cheering erupts. Dean yells over everyone," Let's throw an old fashioned Gryffindor party!" Seamus runs to the kitchen to get the food with Ron, Dean and Hermione make magical decorations, and everyone else waits eagerly. "Its going to be one of your last parties here, isn't Harry? I love Gryffindor and I am going to miss you so much." says Ginny, with a dazed look. "I will miss you to Ginny. Not a day will go by where i don't think about you." I reply. Finally, when the food arrives, and everyone fills their plates, Dean hits a glass of butterbeer. "I would like to make a toast to Harry Potter and the rest of the D.A. Harry, you always save the day and we are thankful for that. You also have outstanding courage. We all want to thank you for saving the school, and I personally want to thank you for being my friend. Also, sorry for snogging Ginny that one time and you and Ron almost flipped a table!" Dean exclaims. Everyone laughs about it including Ron and Harry. "To Harry!" Dean yells. Everyone raises their glass and says, "To Harry!" Later, everyone is so tired from all night partying. At 2:00 am Harry finally goes to bed.

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