Harry Potter- Ginny and Harry

What happened in between the ending of the books and the epiloge? Are the DA still around? What happens next? Read to find out! (Im sorry is i say wizard cops. It means aurors. It is from AVPSY.)


3. Ginny

My eyes open wide. I had a wonderful dream. I spent a day only with Ginny. I can do that today because we have no classes. But, first I need to make sure Ron is ok with this. She is his sister after all and I don't want to do something he is uncomfterble with. He's my best mate. As I walk down to the common room, I notice that Ron is already up. "Good morning, mate." he says sleepily. "Good morning, Ron. I was wondering if it would be ok if I spent a day just with Ginny." I say nervously. "Of course you can Harry. She's your girlfriend. But, thanks for telling me anyway." he replys. "Thank you so much!" I exclaim. I sit with Ron and we talk about life, love, and money. Finally, Ginny comes down from Girl's Dorm and she plops down next to me. "Good morning, Harry and Ron." she says. She looks happy and pretty, like usual. "Hello, Ginny. I was wondering if you wanted to go on a day-long date with me?" I say nervously. She starts grinning with her beautiful smile. "Sure, when do we start?" she asks excitedly. "Whenever you're ready!" I reply happily. "Let's go after breakfast!" she exclaims. Later, We roam the grounds laughing, talking, and holding hands. We finally get to the rocks by the lake.

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